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If you look at the various coconut hair masks that are available, you will see that a lot of them are unusually expensive. One great thing about hair masks is that they’re super easy to make at home. One of the most popular is the coconut oil hair mask.

Coconut hair masks have become more popular over the years because they can penetrate the scalp and the hair strands, so that the hair can be moisturized and repaired from within. This means that it will be easy for the hair strands to remain shiny so you will have shiny and strong-looking hair. If your hair has become damaged because of your frequent beach trips, then you can expect that the coconut oil hair mask will do the trick and improve your hair’s overall condition.

Here are some coconut oil hair masks to try:

  • Coconut Oil with Rosemary and Avocado

Avocado is known to have its own oil, and of course, rosemary oil is a well-known essential oil. The avocado and the coconut oil will be very effective in nourishing and moisturizing the hair, while the rosemary will ensure that the hair will be shinier than usual.

  • Overnight Coconut Oil Hair Mask

If you want to leave coconut oil overnight on your hair, the moisture will sink in even more. The key here is to use the right coconut oil. Choose virgin coconut oil over all the others. You can just lather this on your hair before sleeping at night. You can protect your hair with a shower cap so that the coconut oil will not seep into your pillow. Then you can just rinse off the coconut oil in the morning. Make sure not to apply too much, or your hair will be greasy the next day.

  • Coconut Oil and Egg

Egg yolks are known to boost your hair effectively. You can be sure that your hair will be nourished and moisturized properly with this mask.

  • Coconut Oil and Honey

With coconut oil and honey, you will immediately have a hydrating effect on your hair. At the same time, the scent from the essential oils that you can choose to include in this coconut oil hair mask will be aromatic.

  • Coconut Oil + Coconut Milk

If you think that this hair mask contains only coconut oil and coconut milk, then you are mistaken. You could also add a banana in order to make the hair mask easier to manage. The first thing that you need to mix together is the coconut oil and the banana. Once you are sure that you have mixed them properly, add the coconut milk and mix again. Once you are sure that the mixture is okay, you can apply it onto the ends of your hair and leave on for about 15 minutes.

  • Vitamin E and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

Vitamin E may be known to be good for the skin, but it can be effective for the hair too. Make sure that you heat the oils a bit before you apply onto your hair, so that they will be more effective in penetrating the hair strands. You can leave it on for about 30 – 50 minutes before rinsing.

Which coconut oil hair mask is you excited to try? Feel free to share your results.