Image: Bustle
Image: Bustle

Coconut Oil Solves Everything, Even Your Debt & Relationship

It’s almost impossible these days to find a DIY beauty recipe without coconut oil. It solves hair problems, skin problems, and every other kind of beauty problem. It’s good for your insides too! So why not pour coconut oil on your entire life, am I right?

In fact I am. Because coconut oil is the end-all-be-all prized possession in the beauty and health world, turns out it’s in high demand. Drop a tub of coconut oil off at your local bank and watch as the bank teller rubs sweet, life-saving coconut oil all over your bank account. And just like that your debt-free! Bonus points if you bring essential oils, then you’ll be debt-free in addition to earning some extra cash.

What about your relationship? Dating is no easy thing and it seems like that’d be the last place for an easy fix. But to no one’s surprise coconut oil can fix that too.

Next time you and your loved one find yourselves in conflict, simply scoop out some coconut oil and rub it all over your body, hair included. The healing powers of precious coconut oil will make all your relationship problems disappear for good, trust me! It’s that simple.

Will there ever be a time when the whole world isn’t drooling over coconut oil and it’s universal benefits? The answer’s no. So stock up now before it’s too late.

There have been rumors that global warming has been harming the growth of coconuts, which means supplies may not last long. But then again, coconut oil can fix global warming too so long as everyone has a tub of it.