Image: Etsy

If you’re anything like us here at Daily Beauty Hack, you will stop at nothing in order to obtain that perfectly sparkly look this holiday season. And while we have all the Sephora lipsticks we want and a plethora of glittery nail polishes in all shades of red and gold, it felt that there was something missing from our beauty routines this holiday season.

That is until we came across a product that turns even your poop into glittery holiday goodness. Behold: Glitter Pills. These little capsules of glitter will help you achieve the glittery poop you’ve been striving for all season! It’s the perfect antidote to feeling beautiful inside and out (see what I did there?).

Ladies, it’s time for us all to stop feeding into the immature myth that “girls don’t poop.” It has gotten out of hand and, quite frankly, isn’t even a little believable. But you know what is believable? That girls sh*t glitter like the real goddesses we are, that’s what.

The Etsy seller offers these Glitter Pills in a variety of colors, so that you can potentially choose whether you crap hues of blue, pink or gold. What more can you really ask for in life?


The only small problem with these pills is that you can’t actually ingest them. Like, at all. In fact, as The Inquisitr kindly pointed out, “no one should think that eating the Glitter Pills is a good idea or that they’re supposed to do it. If such was the case, you could just chug some glitter, but you know you’re not supposed to do that.”

In fact, the Etsy page is pretty clear about the whole thing:

Image: Etsy

But, these pills do claim to be “non-toxic,” so you can do what you want with that information. Or maybe just take it from the owner of these Glitter Pills himself and use them as a gag gift. Or, you know, break open those capsules and add the glitter to your hair or your nail polish.

Image: Etsy

Is it just me or does Kyle look remarkably like his product? Super ironic.

Disclaimer: We are kidding. No you should not ingest these glitter pills.