top knot bun on brunette hair
Image: A Cup Of Jo

If you’re like us, you’ve tried tutorial after tutorial to get that Pinterest-worthy top knot. Sadly, we usually end up with chunks of straight hair sticking out the middle, or we end up with a loose, frumpy bun that’s way too low. Well we’re to tell you that we’ve finally discovered a way to achieve the effortlessly messy, but perfect top knot in less than a minute. Read through to work your way to top knot greatness.

  1. Start by pulling your hair together exactly where you want your bun to be placed.
  2. Begin wrapping your hair tie around as if you are wearing a ponytail, but pull your hair through the last loop so you have a “loop bun.”
  3. Naturally there will be lots of stray hairs sticking out in all directions, but tuck them into your hair tie one by one in random places.
  4. After all of the loose hairs are tucked in, carefully tighten the bun a little like you would a ponytail.
  5. Now gently pull on some of your hair on the rest of your head to create a loose, messy look rather than a tight, slicked-back style.
  6. Add just a bit of hairspray to seal your hair in place. There’s no need to pack bobby pins in your purse because you can fix loose hairs by tucking them back into your hairband.