Copper Highlights

Copper has got to be one of the prettiest colors to highlight hair. It’s a rich, warm shade that stands out against any base color you’re applying the highlights over, making it the perfect shade to really pop. And what’s more, there are tons of ways to wear copper highlights in hair. So below are several copper highlight styles to really get you inspired for this bright, fun look.

Wispy copper highlights: This is a basic copper highlight look, with generous wisps of copper throughout the hair. The base is kept a brunette, while there is also tons of deep auburn mixed in with the copper to add some depth to the look.


Tiger eye: One trendy way to make use of copper highlights is to go for a reddish take on tiger eye hair. This is a hairstyle that incorporates the tones from a tiger eye gem stone, as the name suggests, meaning it’s ripe pickings for chunky copper highlights with tons of brown and gold shades.

Chunky copper waves: Copper looks wonderful in chunky highlights worked into wavy hair. The copper shade in this look is a deep, rich and darker hue of copper and looks great over dark brunette hair. It’s stunning when mixed into a wavy hairstyle, as the highlights really catch the light in the wavy pattern.

Subtle copper highlights: Another idea for a light accent is to put in some wisps of copper hair more sparsely. These usually sit farther down on the hair and are placed at random points.


Pumpkin spice copper: Pumpkin spice hair has been a huge trend to blow up on Pinterest. This look takes hues of blonde and red and mixes them together into a warm spiced look. Highlights of copper were made for this style.


Ombre copper highlights: This look puts generous copper highlights at the ear level and below. It looks stunning over dark hair, as it creates an attractive contrast.


Rusk copper: Rusk copper is a trendy style that puts copper and blonde highlights over a violet base. It’s usually applied to an angled bob, and slight curls are added with a flat iron.


Scene copper highlights: This look pulls the hair over the forehead and over one eye. Copper highlights look stunning in the part of the hair that’s going over the face.


Bold highlights: A very classic look for highlights, this look puts straight bright copper highlights over brunette hair. You’re left with a sleek stripe pattern.


Copper over merlot hair: A deep purple merlot as a base with light copper highlights near the ends of the strands is a stunning, classy look. The copper really pops against the deep merlot shade.


Rainbow copper highlights: This looks mixes copper highlights into the hair, along with cherry, purple, blonde and auburn highlights. All the highlights are very wispy, creating a rainbow look. It’s perfect if you want a fashion color style.