Makeup vanity
Image: Pinterest

Every girl dies over those beautiful makeup vanities all over Pinterest. What if we told you that it’s super easy to create your own? Whether you already have a vanity to work with or you want to create one with a regular desk and other materials, we can give you some ideas to pretty up your pampering space.

Place it near a window

When deciding where to set up your makeup vanity space, try to place it as close to a window as possible (ideally while you sit, you will be facing the window). All the natural light will help a lot while applying makeup to make sure you use the right color and amount. Also, the additional light will brighten up the space all around and increase the good vibes.


huge mirror vanity
Image: Pinterest

If your vanity doesn’t already come with a mirror (or you don’t like the one it comes with), do some thrift store shopping and buy a unique one. The one above shows how to incorporate a very large mirror for a different look, but any size larger than just your face will work perfectly. Paint it whatever color you like, and don’t be afraid to get creative. This mirror can make or break your vanity space.


vanity chair
Image: Amazon

Choosing a chair for your vanity set up is a big decision. You will be sitting here almost every day, so find one that your tush will thank you for! Ornate backs will add beauty to the entire setup, but overall comfort is most important. Check out the one above for both!

Wall photos

rifle paper co

If there is a wall close behind your vanity, add a small photo gallery to complete your setup. The added aesthetics of wall decoration will add so much extra to the entire feel—and this part gives you a ton of freedom! Print your own photos, or buy pretty quotes to hang to inspire you (Rifle Paper Co. has amazing prints). Lauren Conrad’s website also gives you an awesome step by step guide on how to create a gallery wall.


vanity lamp
Image: Pinterest

Having a nice lamp or two is important for when there is not enough daylight to work at your vanity. Add your own lighting around the mirror, or purchase a pretty lamp like the one above. (This Himalayan salt lamp is pretty cool too!)

Pretty storage

mason jars for vanity
Image: Pinterest

Besides the drawers that may be in your vanity or desk already, having pretty storage on top will provide added visuals and places to put things. This is something you can DIY for everything! Decorate some mason jars to hold makeup brushes, cotton balls/swabs, or lip products. You can also buy some pretty trays from flea markets or antique shops to place things like perfume or other products on. The possibilities are endless.


If you’re looking for some functional yet beautiful hair products to display on top of your vanity, check out R+CO. They have amazing products that you will become addicted to, but they still look pretty and clean on display!

Add some flowers

vanity flowers
Image: Pinterest

Flowers will liven up your vanity area, and also add some color with a girly touch. Buy fake ones to keep all year round, or find some at a local farmer’s market or flower shop to really liven up the space. Put them on the tray used for decoration, but don’t forget to water them!