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Have one of those hair days where the only thing for it is a ponytail? Maybe you weren’t able to wash your hair, you slept on clean hair wrong or maybe you just have an active day where you’ll need your hair out of your face. Don’t feel like all you need to do is a boring, tired ponytail, however. There are plenty of creative ponytails to spice up that classic look.

Here are our favorite creative ponytails. For more creative ponytails check out these Invisibobble hacks.


Image: yetanotherbeautysite.com
Image: yetanotherbeautysite.com

Wrap a thick strand of hair around the top of the ponytail in a swirling pattern, and secure it under the ponytail. The swirl should cover the hair tie and go a few inches down past it.


Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Have a French braid leading into the ponytail for a quick boost to the look.


For a casual look, tie a low ponytail near the base of your neck, and then pull the hair out of it slightly so some is hanging in a half-ringlet pattern.


Half ponytail, half braid, do a fishtail braid in the first upper half of the ponytail. To keep it more simple, a three-strand braid works as well.



Tie one ponytail right at the back of your head and a second one several inches under the first ponytail. Let the top ponytail hang over the bottom one for a look that will make your hair seem far longer than it is.

Twisted side

Twisted side

Twist hair at the base of your neck so that it’s in a horizontal spiral pattern, and then tie a low side ponytail.

Loose braid

An easy way to get a bohemian look is to tie a French braid on the side of your head, and lead that into a three-strand braid in the length of your hair. Then pull your hair up into a ponytail so the three-strand braid is showing.

Low side

For a simple, casual look, just tie a low ponytail right under your ear. Keep it looking loose and messy.