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Cut Back On Hair Frizz With These 5 Hacks

You wake up and realize it’s going to be one of those days. Your hair is a frizzy mess and looks a bit like a clown wig. Luckily, there are tons of beauty hacks for getting rid of hair frizz, both immediately and as part of preventative measures. Never have a head full of flyaways again with these hair-smoothing hacks.

Oil Rub

One of the easiest methods for getting rid of frizzy hair is to apply some oil to your hands (a drop or two will do), rub your hands together and run your hands through your hair. It’s fast, cheap and you probably have some oil sitting around. The best oils to use for taming hair include coconut, olive and argan. You can also apply a small bit of oil to a brush to get it evenly distributed.

Get A Boar Bristle Brush

Speaking of brushes, boar bristle brushes are great at evenly distributing your hair’s natural oils. That means less oily roots and frizz-free lengths. Beauty experts recommend you hang your head upside down to help distribute the oils better as you brush.

Change The Way You Wash Your Hair

When using conditioner, let it sit on your hair while you do other shower activities, like washing your body or shaving. That way, it’ll have time to fully sink in and give your hair some daylong moisture.

If you have stubbornly dry hair, you may also want to consider taking a few days out of the week to only wash your hair with conditioner. Most often referred to as conditioner only (CO) washing, it involves scrubbing at your hair with ample amounts of conditioner and then letting it sit for a minute or so. Then you’ll need to rinse the conditioner out very well. That will cut back on the dryness that can come from too much shampooing.

Invest In The Right Products

Sometimes the problem could be that you’re using too cheap of a shampoo and a conditioner. You may need a higher-quality product that has natural oils in it to help smooth hair. You can also opt for products like cream hydrators right after you wash and condition your hair.

An option for when you need hydrated hair right now is a serum spray, which usually comes in compact, portable containers that you can easily have on hand throughout the day.

Avoid The Heat Tools

Simply by letting your hair air dry, you’re axing out one of dry hair’s number one causes: heat processing. That will mean stronger and less brittle, broken hair in the long run. Which also means less frizz and flyaways.

If you don’t have time to let your hair air dry in the morning, consider washing your hair at night. That way, you can also keep your hair in a bun or braid while it dries for managed, naturally wavy and clean hair in the morning.