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Cut Down Your Closet Size To Make Mornings Easier

Deciding what to wear every day is a daily struggle. You want to look attractive and polished as you prepare to go out into the world each day. Although we may look in our closets in the morning and decide that we don’t have enough clothes to wear because none of the options look appealing, the real problem may actually be that we have too many clothes. Choosing to buck the trend of acquiring more items and getting rid of some instead might be the solution to make our daily dressing decisions much easier. Here are some tips to cut down your closet size.

The Problem Of Too Many Choices

Living in America means that we’re used to having a lot of choices. Just consider all the different varieties of orange juice you’ll find in the grocery store! We’re taught that choice equals freedom. To some degree, that’s true. But choice also becomes overwhelming. According to psychological studies, it gets harder to make decisions when we have too many choices. The reason it’s so hard to decide what to wear in the morning is probably because there are too many possible options.

Make Decisions Easier By Simplifying

The secret to calmer mornings begins with a ruthless closet purge. Set aside an afternoon to go through your closet and evaluate all your clothes. If there’s anything you haven’t worn in a year, toss it in a bag to be donated. If you are holding on to that mini-skirt that’s three sizes smaller than you’re currently wearing, it needs to go too. A lot of people hold on to smaller clothes in the hope of wearing it again someday, but if you do lose weight you’ll probably want to celebrate with new, current clothes.

If you have some clothes that are in that questionable zone where you wore it in the past year and might want to wear it again, set them aside in the front of your closet. If you wear it again in the next month, it’s a keeper, so you can move it into rotation with the clothes you’re regularly wearing. If you still haven’t worn it in a month, into the donation bag it goes.

Create A Closet Full Of Useful Pieces

We make a lot of purchases because something catches our eye just right. Maybe we see a cute shirt that we love, even though it’s in a color we rarely wear and doesn’t match any of the pieces we already have. All of those clothes that we think we’ll wear someday are really just aspirational and are taking up valuable closet space. This causes our brains to be more overwhelmed every morning by having too many choices.

The key to creating a workable closet that will make your mornings easier is to assemble several pieces that coordinate well together. Choose colors that match or complement each other to make it easier to create matching outfits.

A streamlined collection of clothes will make it much easier to put together a well-coordinated outfit every day. When getting dressed is easy, traffic will be the only stressful part of your morning.