Cute Hair Clips

Cute hair clips may very well have been one of those fashion accessories you left behind in childhood, along with scrunchies and plastic barrettes. But there are some cute hair clips out there that look plenty cute, and also have a more grown-up feel to them. From clips that incorporate fancy jewels to chic-looking metal clips to fun retro kid clips, below are some reasons you might want to allow cute hair clips back into your life, assuming they ever left.

Cute hair clips

Cat clip

Cute hair clips that are fashioned after animals are always a cute way to relive your childhood. Update it for adulthood with a metal design featuring the outline of a whole cat.

Unicorn clips

Sometimes if you’re feeling whimsical or nostalgic it’s best to just steer into the skid. Finding unicorn clips that have some glitter added to them can be part of a themed retro look, too.

Bee clips

Golden metal bees can look classy and cute. Something like this would go with any outfit, and be good both for casual or formal events.

Star clip

Many clips out there place patches of golden, metallic stars right in the hair. It’s a fun, ethereal look when you’re in the mood for something whimsical.

Bat clips

Whether it’s Halloween, or you just like creature of the night or comic book sort of things, a cute idea is bows with Batman themes. It’d be good for a Halloween party, of a comic book themed party, if you want to have a Batman vibe.

Feather clip

A popular item that pops up on Pinterest is a golden feather clip that fits nicely into a number of hairstyles. It fits well over low or high ponytails, as well as clipped into straight hair or at the bottom of a braid.

Crystal moon clip

If you’d really like to get into a whimsical vibe, a metallic moon clip gives an ethereal, celestial look. Many of these also have pretty gemstones hanging from them for an added fantasy feel.

Antique flower pin

If you’re looking for a vintage feel, an idea is a flower pin made out of vintage fabrics like distressed satin or burlap. Many of these have gems in the middle, too.

Celtic knot hairpin

A really romantic look is knot work in hairpins. These usually have swirled, Celtic looks about them and fit right into up dos. The knot work is usually swirled into metal.