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Nail art is the perfect way to show off some festive cheer. With how utterly customizable it is, you can incorporate traditional holiday color schemes, characters from Christmas story favorites, winter themes, iconic holiday decorations or anything you can imagine. Below are some awesome holiday nail art ideas to get you inspired.

Snowflake accent nail

snowflake accent nail
Image: Pinterest

A fun look is to go for festive silver glitter on most of your nails. Then on one, have a deep red basecoat with white snowflakes over the red shade. Optional faux diamonds in the middle of the snowflakes add a nice touch.

Rudolph accent nail

rudolph accent nail
Image: Pinterest

Another creative holiday look is to have most nails painted in a red sequin polish of your choice. Then on an accent nail, you can paint a Rudolph peaking out from the tip of the nail, if you have a steady hand and artistic eye. He’d need a half-oval head, some eyes, some basic half-oval ears and swirled antlers. His nose could be in the same red sequin polish as the rest of the nails.

Red and green polka dots

red and green polka dots
Image: Pinterest

This easy design features a few nails in red or green sparkle polish. Then, on some accent nails (two on each hand), a white basecoat sits below polka dots in the same red and green sparkle polish as the other nails.

Holiday lights nails

holiday lights nails
Image: Pinterest

This one is pretty easy, also. You’ll just need a white basecoat. One top of that, have a swirling black line as the string of the lights. Then paint multicolored oval lights on the side of the string. On the lights, add a white dot where the light would reflect off a bulb.

Ornament accent nail

ornament accent nail
Image: Pinterest

A pretty idea is to have one accent nail with a round ornament painted on it. The round body of the ornament could be in a glittery polish, along with a bow painted at the top. A black line would lead to the ornament. Then that glittery polish could cover the other nails.

Santa sequin nails

santa sequin nails
Image: Pinterest

This is a great way to take advantage of the negative space nail trend. All nails except one on each hand would be in a red glitter polish. Then the plain nails would have a red glitter tip that slants down in a tapering fashion, like a Santa hat. Then the tapered end of the red polish would have a white circle for the puff at the end of a Santa hat.

Red and white snowflake nails

red and white snowflake nails
Image: Pinterest

This is like the snowflake accent nail look above, but all the nails have a red base with white snowflakes drawn on them.

Festive stripes

Image: Pinterest

If you want a festive look, but you can’t manage it even though you have all the available nail art supplies, try a shimmery red basecoat, and then draw some simple slanted stripes in a silver glitter polish.

Ombre glitter

ombre glitter
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Another festive sparkly look is to have a deep shimmery red as a basecoat. Then, paint a gold glitter polish thicker near the tips and taper off slightly as you go half way up the nail. You can also have an optional accent nail that is all glitter.