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Watch out! These school supplies are so cute that they might actually make you excited to go to class and do homework.

Rose Gold Desk Accessory Organization Kit

This rose gold kit is equipped with a wire pencil cup, stainless steel scissors, a stapler, a wire tape dispenser, two high-quality pens, and four binder clips. The durability and design of these desk accessories will assure that you can keep this same kit around for a long time.

Law of Attraction Planner

This Law of Attraction Planner is more than it’s intricately designed blush cover. The planner walks you through setting attainable goals for yourself and putting them in action. If you’re looking to reinvent yourself, this planner will for sure keep you on track. Its strong positive message and emphasis on achievement will help you live very intentionally.

Rose Gold Pens 6-Piece Set

These pens are the only pens you will need all year long! With a sleek design and black ballpoint ink, these are the perfect go-to pens for taking notes in class, doing homework, writing up to-do lists, etc.

Coloring File Folders

Filing has never been more fun! These file folders can make even the toughest days more lighthearted with quotes like “Bang head here” and “I’m a freakin’ professional.”

Marble Laptop Case

This marble laptop case is sophisticated yet complex. I think it demands that people take you seriously in a professional work environment while also letting them know you have a great sense of style. It’s sleek, lightweight design will likely be complimented by many people.

Mini Fruit Sticky Notes

People may actually think that you have a tiny pear sitting on your desk. These pear sticky notes fill into a pear shape, giving convenient access to sticky notes and a quirky style to your desk space.

Rose Gold Paper Clips

Why have regular boring paper clips when you can add some sassy color to your paper with these rose gold paper clips? They even come in a cute little box that you can keep on your desk or in your desk drawer.

Kate Spade Spiral Notebook

These adorable spiral notebooks are hard-covered, making them easy to use on the go with a hard surface to write on. The cute color and design will stand out among other students (even in your 500-person lecture hall).

Cork Board World Map

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 2.57.05 PM

This cute cork board world map is perfect to put up on the wall your desk is facing. This stylish but worldly board is ideal to pin up important dates to remember, assignments, or photos.

Fashion Steel Push Pins

These tiny steel push pins are colorful and have a few different teeny designs on them, making them the perfect match for your world map bulletin board!