denim on denim ideas
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There is no piece of cloth on this planet that is greater in comparison to the use of denim in a lady’s’ wardrobe. No matter if we are gearing up for a weekend outing or just in the house with our casual Friday get-up, we cannot deny how denim plays a major role in our lifestyle. But what kind of denim do you need to have in your arsenal to make certain you are prepared at all times?

Denim on denim fashion is here and will not be going away anytime soon. It has been seen on celebrities and fashion icons alike with some being a hit or miss. The trick for implementing denim on denim ideas into your fashion lies strictly on the pieces you select and put together to complete the outfit. Nobody wants to look like they stepped out of the time machine from the 80s. Here is some denim on denim ideas outlining the basics that will change the way you wear your jeans.

Making sure that the colors of your denim on denim pieces are distinct from each other is the first basic rule. Opt for contrast shades by pairing a washed blue denim jacket or shirt with darkish blue, black or gray jeans or vice versa. Ask yourself which one of them you want lighter or darker? The jacket or the pants?

The second rule to remember: Say no to a pair of saggy jeans and an ill-fitting blouse. This can be very disastrous and should be avoided. It is also not good the other way round; a baggy jacket and tight jeans. The fundamental strategy here is having both your shirt and jeans properly fitted to your body shape. Choose colors that will flatter, (lighter shades) or hide, (darker shades) certain body parts. You also want to make certain the cuts are slim, especially at the legs.

Some denim on denim ideas

Denim on denim ideas come with a lot more options for women than they do for men, whose denim on denim ideas are mainly limited to the Canadian Tuxedo. The combinations are endless. You can decide to complete your outfit so many different combination choices such as:

  • Denim shirts and skirts
  • Jackets and vests
  • Skinny jeans
  • Denim shorts
  • Coats
  • Denim dresses

You can try a touch of different combinations of denim by fastening a denim jacket or shirt around your waist. With this, you can achieve both a classy and a trendy fashion look. You can also add in denim to any dress you are sporting.

More denim on denim ideas

If you only have shades of denim that are similar or related in color but you still feel like trying out double denim, one of the ways you can make this work without looking ancient is to dress up your denim with accessories. Try wearing a colored scarf or sweater with some bold shoes or heels, or you can accentuate your style with costume jewelry that stands out. You can add to your outfit with a large handbag, sunglasses, a belt, or a hat. The vital key is joining the denim with different varieties to add color. This helps draw the focus away from the unicolor of denim you have on.