picture of beautiful woman beautiful woman in spa salon, Derma Roller
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We know what you’re thinking… you want me to poke my face with needles?! Hear us out.

What is a derma roller?

A derma roller is a non-surgical device that has needles on it, and it enhances the effectiveness of any cosmetic treatment in an easy, non-invasive way. It serves to accelerate the process of regeneration and rejuvenation of problematic skin with aging, wrinkles, sagging skin, scars, and hyper pigmentation. With this tool, you can get amazing results on the skin of your face, neck, and body. It is also ideal for promoting the penetration of skin care products after collagen therapy. Isn’t that great news?

The derma roller gives a feeling of prickling to the skin and face. It seems like the procedure would be very painful, but it actually isn’t, unless you don’t do it correctly. When you apply the roller onto the skin, it makes small thin holes. This is so that any ingredient applied penetrates deep inside and gets completely absorbed by the skin.

You have to decide the amount of pressure to apply while rolling the skin. Usually, it should be used with a slight pressure because the tiny needles need some force to produce small holes on the skin. Derma rollers have had proven results worldwide, and they give you brighter and younger looking skin. Beauticians around the world are using this technology to help essential vitamins, oxygen, and other necessary ingredients sink directly into the skin. This therapy also helps to repair broken skin, and helps to improve the appearance of scars, blemishes, and marks on the face. Derma therapy has proven to be more effective than other treatments and layer therapies. Being a very small device, you can use it at home by yourself. As you can see, there is not a lot of risk (depending on how much pressure you apply and what you do after). Before you take the next step, read the user’s manual that comes with the device when you purchase it.

How to use the derma roller

If everything (including your skin) is ready, you can start using the derma roller at home. Make sure your face is completely free of makeup or any other product before you begin. Next, simply roll it over your entire face. Start from right to left and top to bottom, rolling with a slight pressure. Next, move it diagonally over the lips, but do not keep the needles on your lips for long. Usually, you can keep doing this for about 40 minutes, but if you are sensitive to pain, you can stop after 20 minutes. If you desire to clean your face before going out with friends, you can do it one night before. After using the derma roller, the skin may look a bit red and swollen. So it is always advisable to use this device a day before an event so that your skin can have enough time for the swelling to go down.

As the needles pierce through your skin, they should be used by you alone. Avoid sharing the roller with anyone else.