Woman drinking smoothie with Diatomaceous Earth supplement

You are probably thinking dia…what? Sure the name is long and unfamiliar to most, but this stuff brings amazing benefits for various parts of the body. Diatomaceous earth is a natural white powder made up of the mineral silica. Silica promotes healthy organ, bone and tissue function. Therefore, this should definitely be a part of your beauty regimen, stat! That is if you enjoy a clean system, young looking skin, and healthy hair and nails. And really…what woman doesn’t? Read more about these 7 reasons why this supplement is helpful.

Diatomaceous Earth

Cleanses your insides

Diatomaceous earth can help clean your insides. It assists in eliminating harmful bacteria and toxic metals from your intestines and digestive tract. In doing so, it promotes and supports regular digestion. As it is tasteless, you can add this to any of your favorite drinks or smoothies for easy consumption.

Prevents wrinkles and sagging skin

Our skin contains collagen and elastin. These two properties are essential for healthy, glowing complexions. When these begin to diminish, skin will be prone to sagging and wrinkles. Diatomaceous earth is excellent at supporting tissue function. The retention of collagen and elastin relies on mucopolysaccharides and mucous carbohydrates, both of which holds skin moisture. These incredibly important molecules react well to this supplement. This ensures skin stays younger-looking for longer.

Heals skin problems

Diatomaceous earth assists in healing common skin conditions. You can apply it topically as a skin creams or ointments. It can help with eczema, insect bites, rashes, blisters, burns, acne, and warts.

Stimulates hair growth

Hair responds positively to diatomaceous earth due to its silica properties. Your hair is composed of 90% silica. By ingesting this beneficial powder, hair will start to grow. It’ll also help with overall strength and shine, making hair look glossy and thick. Swallow 1 tablespoon daily and see results after a few days.

Strengthens nails

Nails on top of clouds

Similar to your hair, nail beds are made up of silica. Therefore, your nails respond positively to the silica content in diatomaceous earth. It helps strengthen nails, encourages growth, and prevents them from breaking easily.

Boosts immune system

The silica found in diatomaceous earth can play an important function for good immune health. It can promote antibody responses. This response assists in combating harmful bacteria, parasites, allergens, viruses. The result is a stronger immune system that can avoid certain illnesses.

Improves joints, bones, and cartilage

Research has shown that diatomaceous earth creates healthier joints, bones, and connective tissue. People with arthritis or similar bone and joint conditions can add this supplement to their daily routine to help minimize symptoms.

As you can see, diatomaceous earth is an excellent supplement due to its ability to work on both your internal structures and external appearance. Not only does it assist in strengthening bones and joints, but boosts your immunity and compliments your nails and hair. The best part is, it’s tasteless! Easily take your supplement each day, and start reaping the benefits!

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