Winter can be long and dreary, depending on where you live, and even if you love the season, it can weigh on you. A sure way to feel and look sunnier is to add a glow to your body. It’s easy for face—there are hundreds of bronzers, bronzing primers, glow primers, etc.–but it’s also easy for the body. All you need are a few tips and tricks below, including a DIY body luminizer recipe, that will have you looking like you just came from the islands, even though you only came from your apartment.

To get that gorgeous glow, you can either self-tan or use a body luminizer. Self-tanning is more permanent and longer lasting while body luminizers last just for the day they are applied. Both are great, and it really just depends on your preference. If want to have a super glow, you can definitely use the luminizer over a self-tan.

Before doing either a luminizer or self-tanner, you want to be sure to wash and exfoliate. A nylon puff won’t do the trick; you want to be sure that all dry, dead skin is gone. One body scrub to try is the Bath & Body Works Vanilla and Patchouli Body Scrub, which is gentle but still provides a deep exfoliation. You can also dry brush (but rinse off after). If you are just doing a luminizer, you can apply now. Most luminizers, such as the L’Oreal® Paris Sublime Glow® Daily Moisturizer and Skin Tone Enhancer, contain lotion.

For self-tanner application be sure to moisturize completely and let it fully absorb. Skin needs to be smooth so that the self-tanner works correctly. Two self-tanners to try are the St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse or the Shiseido Brilliant Bronze Quick Self-Tanning Gel, which provide great color and are easy to work with. A few self-tanning tips:

  • Use a mitt for a streak-free application and to protect your palms
  • Apply in a circular motion, in a cool place to avoid perspiring
  • Do not exfoliate with using self-tanner, as this will make it fade faster
  • Double the dry time (if it says ten minutes, wait 20); apply baby powder to minimize any color transfer

Here’s the recipe for a DIY body luminizer, which you can use alone or over a self-tan (wait a day for best results) for a nice glow. Mix together:

The lotion and oil mixture combine to give skin a dewy look. For even more of a glow, crush a body shimmer like Urban Decay’s Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face and Body into the lotion mixture. Or dab a highlighter on shoulders, décolletage, and shins for shimmer only where you need it.

For a shimmery bronze look without having to both self-tan and luminize, try a product such as the NARS Monoi Body Glow. Looking for extra moisture during the dry winter season? The Jergens Ultra Healing lotion is a classic treatment for dry skin. A body butter is also a super rich, super hydrating way to cure winter skin.

You can get your glow on without having to travel anywhere this winter!