DIY coconut oil makeup remover

Coconut oil is all the rage for skincare and haircare alike, but it’s important to understand the proper uses of this ingredient in order to incorporate it wisely into your self-care regimen. There are many benefits of coconut oil for skin: It contains vital nutrients such as lauric acid (a healthy, fatty acid that helps to lock in hydration and bolster the skin’s defensive barrier).

However, some people don’t realize that coconut oil also tends to clog pores when it’s used alone on the skin. For this reason, coconut oil isn’t well-suited to use as an everyday moisturizer. When it’s applied alone to the skin, it’s pore-clogging properties can overshadow its potential benefits, exacerbating acne and oily skin.

This doesn’t mean that you should cut coconut oil out of your skincare routine, though: It just means that you should use it in better-informed ways. Coconut oil shouldn’t be used alone on the skin, and it shouldn’t be left on the skin for too long. This makes it a bad moisturizer, but a great ingredient in face masks and oil-based cleansers. Coconut oil also makes a great addition to a DIY coconut oil makeup remover.

How to make a DIY makeup remover with coconut oil

Our DIY makeup remover features coconut oil for its hydrating benefits. It also includes witch hazel, an astringent that helps to strip dirt and oil from the skin; and aloe vera gel, which has both cleansing and moisturizing properties. Aloe vera gel makes a great skincare ingredient because it doesn’t tend to clog pores.

To make this natural makeup remover, just combine 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of organic witch hazel, and 3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel in a sterilized mason jar. Screw on the lid and shake the jar to combine the ingredients. You can store the jar in the refrigerator to make the ingredients last longer.

If you want to get even fancier, experiment with adding essential oils to your DIY makeup remover. You could add 1 teaspoon of lavender oil to nourish your skin and boost your eyelash growth; 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil to clean your pores and stimulate collagen production, or 1 teaspoon of rosehip oil to heal and hydrate your skin.

How to use a DIY makeup remover with coconut oil

To use your new DIY makeup remover, shake up the ingredients in a jar so that they’re freshly combined (the oil and water will tend to separate over time). Soak a clean cotton pad or cotton ball in the makeup remover, and swipe it gently over your skin to remove face and eye makeup. You’ll probably need to use 2-3 cotton pads.

Next, use a warm washcloth or some damp cotton pads to remove any residue leftover from the makeup remover. If you wear heavy makeup or sunscreen, consider following up with a cream-based cleanser as part of a double-cleansing routine. This will help to get rid of any leftover dirt or oil. Finally, follow up with your toner, moisturizer, and/or serum of choice!