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If you are like most, you have been applying commercial deodorants to your armpits for years. You go to the store and pick one off the shelf that smells good, or provides you the most protection from sweating. The problem is, you are probably unaware that this common beauty aid is actually causing you more harm than good. Learn what your deodorant is doing to your body and what benefits you can reap from DIY deodorant.

Where conventional deodorants fail: the ingredients

The main ingredient in conventional deodorant is aluminum. This ingredient clogs up your pores and keeps you from sweating. You might not see anything wrong with that because that is what you are trying to accomplish. However, with the clogging comes the inability for your body to be rid of dangerous toxins, pathogens, and cancer cells.

Why armpit detox?

Conventional deodorants are loaded with dangerous chemicals and toxins that can cause a plethora of health issues all the way from skin irritation to cancer. An armpit detox gives your body time to get all of these ingredients out of your skin and prepare you for natural DIY deodorant use.

Natural deodorant ingredient benefits

Each ingredient in homemade deodorant can actually offer you benefits. Here are just a few benefits:

  •  Neutralize odor and absorb sweat with baking soda.
  • Witch hazel will shrink your pores, minimize sweat, and can also help with razor burn.
  • Any essential oils used all have their own antibacterial properties along with odor protection and prevention from antibacterial growth.
  • Mineral salts will provide a protective layer on top of the skin to keep pores from clogging, will stop sweating and odors, and are a non-irritant.

Reduce skin irritation

The makers of chemical deodorant products do whatever they can to make their products last as long as possible on the shelf. This includes adding in all kinds of extra ingredients that can irritate your skin. There is, of course, no guarantee that you will not get any irritation at all, but the likelihood is much less with a DIY deodorant.

No stains

There is nothing more frustrating than picking out that perfect outfit only to discover a big white mark on it when you get dressed. Natural, especially crystal types of deodorant, will not leave any embarrassing stains on your favorite clothing.


As with many of the big name manufacturers out there, most deodorant companies also test their products on animals before they put them on the market. This is something that you would not have to concern yourself with if you choose a DIY version.

Balance your hormones

If you are an individual that has issues keeping your hormones in balance, using store-bought deodorant is only going to make this task more difficult. The parabens found in chemical type deodorants are estrogenic. This gets absorbed through your skin and can wreak havoc on your system. With a DIY version, you can ensure your deodorant is paraben free.

It is never too late to switch up your personal beauty regimen. Now that you know more about how dangerous conventional deodorant products can be to your health, there is no reason not to try a more natural DIY version of this sweat and odor blocker.