DIY Ripped Jeans

The world is changing into one that is fashion-free, giving a lot of guys and girls the chance to try something new with their patterns and draperies. Everyone is eager to try something innovative, leaving many to decide whether to demolish their outfit or embellish it. Putting on DIY ripped jeans is one way to kick-start the “join-the-new-trend” that is evolving among the younger sect.

There are a lot of ripped and distressed jeans out there in the market, but comes as no surprise that many people are dissatisfied with anything that will not make them stand out. Hence, comes the need for the “do it yourself” ripped style jeans.

There are particular advantages to making these jeans yourself; you do not get to spend more like you would have if you had purchased them in the market. Also, you get to choose your unique pattern. All you need to get your jeans done are the simple components used in tailoring. This is why we have come up with a list on how to make DIY ripped jeans at your corner.

Go for a pair that fit you perfectly

It is better when you go for low-priced, comfortable jeans at secondhand shops because ripping any pair that you already own might disfigure its look on you. Jeans that has only been worn a bit tends to give perfect results than ones that are purchased new.

Get your supplies ready

All you need is a pair of jeans and something that is a bit sharp – preferably one that can cause a puncture. A sharp knife, a razor or scissors, for instance, might work perfectly if it’s a hole you are creating. If it’s within your reach, you can work with box cutters or X-acto knives as well. After cutting, you might want the look frayed a bit, so get your cheese grater ready, or sandpaper and steel wool.

Watch for the spot you’ll like to rip

Your jeans should be laid out flat on a smooth table, after which you should get a pencil to mark out the specific spots you’d like to rip but make sure it’s the same length and shape on each side if you’re cutting both legs. Ensure that you have a block of wood inside each leg you want to rip, this will help avoid cutting both the back and front of the leg.

Fray the jeans with sandpaper

You can use a steel wool or sandpaper to thin out the spots you want to rip so as to soften the fibers and make your work easier while cutting.

Create more holes by loosening the fibers

Now that you have weakened areas on the pair of jeans, use a knife or scissors to create more holes in the spots where you want stringy patches or frayed areas to go. Apart from softening the fibers, part of your leg skin will be revealed when you put it on.

You can rip the jeans even further with your hands

A lot of people will see a real hole when you gently open the hole area more with your hands. Do not cut open too much for a clean look.

If you feel like it, you can reinforce your DIY ripped jeans

Get a needle and thread to sew around the edges of the opened areas to keep the holes from getting wider.