Among other things, Urban Decay is famous for it’s long-lasting, seriously hard-working setting sprays. Their setting spray products get excellent ratings and are something of a cult favorite–beloved by beauty buyers and makeup artists alike. But while many beauty lovers may opt to cash out up to $32 for one of these setting sprays, these products’ price tags and ingredients lists are definitely not ideal. Keep reading to discover the benefits of setting spray, the hazards of using a store-bought setting spray, and how to make a DIY setting spray that will show the beauty industry who’s boss.

What is setting spray?

Setting spray is a product that’s applied to the face after other face makeup–such as foundation, bronzer, and highlighter–to keep everything in place. You can think of setting spray as primer’s soulmate: Both products help your makeup to stay on better and longer, preventing smudging, oiliness, and that annoying phenomenon where your makeup sinks into your pores and makes them look gigantic.

Some people may opt to use a setting spray every day, while others may reserve it for special occasions like nights out–when they’re sure to sweat and move around a lot, risking ruining their makeup. Thanks to setting spray, you can look photo-ready all night. (And skip those continual trips to the bathroom to make sure that you don’t look like you’re literally melting.)

Hazards of setting spray

While the benefits of setting spray are considerable, setting products like Urban Decay’s also tend to come with some potential hazards. Urban Decay’s product descriptions boast that the setting sprays are vegan and free of parabens, and we’re definitely on board with that. But they still contain plenty of ingredients that may pose a hazard to human health, the worst of which may be the undisclosed fragrances.

We know that these kinds of ingredients pose a danger when they’re applied to your skin–which, as a living organ, absorbs the ingredients that you put onto it. But these products are doubly concerning when they’re included in a setting spray because in order to use the product, you basically need to spray it all over your face–almost definitely inhaling some of the chemical contaminants.

If you only use setting spray once in a while, these concerns may not seem like a big deal. Still, we recommend opting for a setting powder rather than a setting spray. Or, if you’re too enamored of the whole spray-bottle concept to switch to a powder, consider making our DIY setting spray, which is inspired by Urban Decay’s comparable products.

How to make a DIY Urban Decay setting spray

To make your own, healthy knock-off of Urban Decay’s setting spray, you’ll only need three ingredients:

1. Witch hazel: Reduces oiliness, preventing your makeup from becoming too shiny or sinking into your pores.

2. Organic rosewater: Hydrates and plumps the skin to create the perfect, soft glow and dewy finish.

3. Organic aloe vera gel: Helps to hydrate the skin and control excess oil. Pro tip: Make sure to buy a pure aloe vera gel that doesn’t contain dyes or fragrances (it should definitely not be bright green).

To make the setting spray, begin with a sterilized spray-bottle (learn how to sterilize a bottle here). Next, combine one tablespoon each of the witch hazel, rosewater, and aloe vera gel. Fill the rest of the bottle with filtered water (preferably about 1/2 cup), then seal and shake the bottle to combine all of the ingredients, and spray away!