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Once the leaves all fall from the trees, it’s time to get ready for the cold winter season. This means jackets, scarves, boots, holidays, warm drinks, and warm fires. As the holidays nears, people are happier, cheerier and more patient. But, your skin may not be quite so kind during these chilly months. Often times, the most wonderful time of the year is a terrible time for our skin. But hydrated winter skin is possible! So, here are some quick tips for hydrated winter skin to keep you happy through the winter, and into the New Year.

Eat Healthy

Yes. What you eat matters in pretty much every way. This includes your skin. Your skin is a huge organ and what you feed it will start to affect it in some pretty serious ways. Eat foods that nourish your body, mind and skin. Stay away from fast food or salty foods.

Take Supplements

Try Omega-3 fish oil which will work from the inside out to keep your skin glowing and youthful. In addition, it’s amazing for your joints, hair, nails, and more.

Drink Water

Water is the answer to everything! Okay, well maybe not everything. But, when it comes to beauty water is the best kept secret out there. Women who drink water are usually thinner and more energetic, of course. But, they also have better skin.

Don’t Over Wash

Be careful not to wash your face. Sometimes, we think that more is better but when winter hits, washing and cleansing too much can make dryness worse. In these months, be careful. Also, do not wash your hands a great deal if you have a propensity for dry, cracked hands.

Don’t Use Hot Water

Hot water feels amazing, especially on a cold winter’s day, but it dries out the skin and is no good for your winter look. Take a warm bath, but not hot. Warm water will help your skin to shed its dry outer layers without scorching and shocking it.

Limit Exfoliation

Exfoliation sloughs of dead skin revealing all of the beautiful skin that you have been hiding. But, when you exfoliate too much, it will also strip away oils and moisture so be sure to limit this during the winter months.

Add Moisture Back

Oils, moisturizers, creams, moisturizing cleansers, and body balms are your best friends during the winter months. Be sure to apply these daily from head to toe.

Use Sunscreen

Do not skimp on your sunscreen, no matter the season. This is the best way to keep skin protected and cancer-free. We may not think we are getting sun in the winter, but we still are so always apply protective sunscreen to exposed areas.

Use a Humidifier

Keeping the air in your home more humid will help greatly with your dry skin issues in the colder months.

Keep these hydrated winter skin tips in mind and you will make it through the winter without dried out, chapped skin. That way you can joy all the festivities and activities while looking your best.