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Ahh spring. Love is in the air, and wedding season is just beginning. Symbolically, spring is the perfect time to have a wedding, but as far as the weather goes it can still be finicky. Depending on the location you may be dealing with chilly temperatures and rainy weather. These factors and your lack of glowing tan skin may have you totally perplexed on what to wear to a spring wedding. Save yourself the meltdown and check out our tips on how to dress for a spring wedding.

What Length?

If you’re combating indecisive weather or your worried your self-tanning lotion won’t kick in, here are the perfect dress lengths for a spring wedding.

Midi Dress

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Image: ASOS

Leave your short dresses for summer and don’t be afraid to rock a midi dress this spring. Midi dresses go past your knees and land somewhere mid-calf or slightly higher. Before you roll your eyes, they can be super sexy, we promise! Midi dresses come in all shapes and sizes—from skin tight with a deep-V to floral and flowy. The best part is that midi dresses keep your legs a little warmer, and they’re more appropriate for spring weather.

Maxi Dress

woman in floral maxi dress
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Yes, you can wear your maxi dress all summer long, but pull it out a little earlier this year for a spring wedding. Maxi dresses go all the way to your ankles, but the tops vary greatly. Your maxi dress may be long sleeved, or it may have beautiful cap sleeves.

Style It With Texture

Spring textures are ethereal and soft. Dress for a spring wedding by playing up these textures in your dress of choice.


woman in lace dress
Image: BHLDN

Lace was made for spring. We love lace dresses that lay on top of floral patterns. Remember to pass on white lace—never wear white to a wedding!—and stick to pastel hues.

Pleated Skirts

woman in floral dress
Image: Nordstrom

No, not like the pleated mini skirts from high school. We’re talking a pleated bodice in your maxi dress to add some more defining texture. Pleats are dreamy and fit right into the spring season.

Ribbon Waistlines

woman in navy blue dress
Image: Nordstrom

A regal way to add definition to your dress is with a ribbon waistline—even better if it has a bow!

Color & Pattern

You can’t go wrong with pastel hues in spring, but what are the best colors for spring, and what patterns are best for a wedding?


Image: Chi Chi Clothing
Image: Chi Chi Clothing

Duh. It’s a spring wedding complete with bouquets and flower arrangements—you can’t go wrong with a rose-patterned gown or floral print on a soft yellow asymmetrical dress. Keep the colors soft and avoid overly vibrant or mismatched color schemes. For the rare occasion, it’s better to blend in than scream for attention. Save the show-stopping patterns for a summer cocktail party.

Colors Besides Pastels

woman in nude lace dress
Image: Nordstrom

Aside from pastels, you can also wear a lace nude dress to a spring wedding. Emerald gowns look sophisticated, and surprisingly, navy is another great color choice for this spring occasion. Never shy away from black either—complete with colorful statement earrings, or bold diamond studs.