Close up portrait of an attractive young woman drinking water from bottle
Image: Shutterstock/mimagephotography

I spend the better part of my mornings wondering why I don’t have skin like Beyoncé’s. My normal skin care routine consists of washing my face with a gentle cleanser, slapping on some moisturizer and hoping for the best. Only I make one wrong move with a new moisturizer and my entire face breaks out.

It took me a long time to figure out the major thing that my daily routine was missing. A glass of water, that’s it! You already know about the health benefits of drinking water, but there are also many beauty perks to it. In fact, simply drinking a few cups of water a day can go a long way towards repairing your skin and solving your other beauty issues.

Here’s how increasing your water intake can up your beauty game.

It makes you look younger.

It’s a well-known fact that drinking water keeps your body hydrated, but did you know that this also translates to your appearance? Water nourishes your skin and gives it a natural, refreshed glow. It also gets rid of the outside toxins that you come into contact with everyday, and helps your skin produce elastin. Staying hydrated can take ages off of your face and reduce your chances of getting wrinkles.

It promotes hair growth.

I’ve been trying to grow my hair out for years. My hair is super thick and curly, which makes it harder to track my progress. However, I did notice that drinking water daily has actually made my hair look and feel stronger. This is because 1/4 of your hair is made of water. So if you’re trying to grow out your summer haircut, you should drink up!

It makes dry, chapped lips feel softer.

If you constantly apply chapstick and yet your lips are still dry five minutes later, your water intake may be to blame.  Water helps restore your lips’ natural moisture. When you need immediate relief, try this neat trick. Place a cucumber slice on your lips for a few minutes. This will help soothe your lips and keep them moisturized. Remember that cucumbers are made of roughly 95 percent water.

It makes your nails tougher and harder to crack.

You can tell how much water a person drinks based on what their nails look like. If your nails are constantly peeling and have cracks in them, that means you’re not drinking enough water. Water nourishes your nails and cuticles, making them harder to crack.

It’s a total mood booster.

The way you feel has a huge impact on your beauty game. According to a study published in the U.S. National Library of Medicine, a higher water intake improves your overall mood, reduces your stress levels, and regulates your sleeping patterns. Here’s how this news relates to your beauty routine: Less stress equals less wrinkles, fine lines. Also, getting a good night’s rest reduces your chance of under eye bags and dark circles.

It helps cure sunburn.

It’s not summer if you don’t have a weird tan line in a strange place. Avoid the harsher part of summer by keeping a water bottle in your bag and restocking it every few hours. The more hydrated your skin is, the faster you can get rid of that pesky sunburn.