loose curls on smiling woman
By: Timothy Marsee

No matter how often we curl our hair, it is no rare occasion for us to walk out the door with a few straight pieces. Curling is tough work, especially when you have a lot of thick hair or stubborn thin hair. Cut your styling time in half by trying this unbelievably easy hack. Don’t resort to throwing your hair up if you’re running late. This 3-step tutorial will give you a head full of voluminous curls in no time.


  • 1-inch curling wand
  • Hair tie


  1. Secure your hair in a high ponytail with a hair tie. Separate the ponytail into two strands and hold one.
  2. Curl the entire strand you’re holding at once with the curling iron for about 10 seconds. The time will vary on how well your hair curls. Gently let go and grab the other strand to curl.
  3. Let down the ponytail and carefully run your hands through the curls to break them up a bit. Use hairspray if necessary.