When it comes to nail art, you could sit and paint cute, painstaking designs that rival Picasso. But when you’re short on time, you want a big impact fast. So below are some high-impact nail ideas that require low effort. Grab your favorite nail polish brand and get painting with these easy nail art ideas!

Bold neons

You can’t get a bigger impact than highlighter yellows, neon pinks and blazing traffic cone oranges. These colors look really riveting as accent nails, as well.

Glitter accent nail

For a classy look, have several nude or dark nails and one gold or silver glittery accent nail.

Pretty in polka dots

An easy way to boost your nails is to just paint on some easy polka dots in bright shades over a muted basecoat.

Bright cherry red

This classic color is perfect for adding some oomph, and it pairs great with some bright red lipstick.

Matte black and red

A dazzling red nail looks great in matte, and pairing it against black nails will make it pop, despite the muted, matte finish.

Bright coral

This classic color is always a brilliant attention grabber.

Floral stencil

An easy way to add plenty of style is to use a floral stencil as one accent nail. You’re not stuck futzing with ten stencils that way.

Dark shimmer

A dark shade with a soft glitter to it always adds dimension to nails.

Glow-in-the-dark nails

This look is great for parties, festivals, or going out to clubs. And glow-in-the-dark shades come in nearly every color you could imagine.

Gold tips

These add some instant shine and are a creative way to do nails. Plus, gold tips can pair with any color in the name of contrast and attracting attention to your nails.

Negative space neon tips

Negative space, or leaving part of the nail unpainted, is one of the most creative looks to pop up in nails in recent years. Having some neon tips, along with an accent line right above the nail bed, is a clever new way to do your nails.

Confetti nails

When in doubt, add shimmer. And confetti nail polishes add plenty of that.

Easy ombre nails

This cheat will make it look like you took more time than you did. For an ombre nail, paint a basecoat, and let it dry. Then dab the middle of the nail with a small sponge brush coated in nail polish, applying the polish thicker the farther up the nail you go.