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Easy Nutritional Tips For Flawless Complexion

Diet has always been something of a tricky point when it comes to your skin’s complexion. There are the myths out there that too much chocolate and greasy food come out in your skin and can cause acne. Some studies have debunked that diet has anything to do with breakouts and for years that’s been gospel in the dermatology community.

But other research through the years has shown that nutritional attributes like antioxidants and blood sugar fluctuations have played a role in the skin’s health. At any rate, it’s certainly an excuse to eat healthier. If you’d like to achieve better skin and improve your diet at the same time, below are some nutritional tips for flawless complexion through a sensible diet.

Watch Your Blood Sugar

Blood sugar has taken center stage in the role it may play in acne. Studies have found that high-glycemic foods increase what’s called “serum insulin concentrations,” which may raise sebum (or oil) production in the skin.

High-glycemic foods include soda, cookies, or any other sugary junk that causes blood sugar levels to spike radically. So in addition to preventing diabetes and stabilizing mood, eating a diet in blood sugar stabilizing foods may cause less oily skin and a better complexion.

To stabilize your blood sugar levels, eat smaller meals more often, like every three hours, if you can. Also, up the amount of vegetables. Stick to lean proteins and fiber-rich foods. Avoid sugary junk.

Keep An Eye On Vitamins

The best vitamins for skin are A, B and E. Vitamin E has long been used as a strong sun blocker due to its antioxidants that protect skin against damage from the sun. Turns out eating vitamin E works just as well as slathering it on your face. For vitamin E, look for almonds, broccoli and peanut butter.

Vitamin A, meanwhile, helps reduce the overproduction of cells on the skin, thus reducing pore blockage. For vitamin A, look for carrots, milk or cheddar cheese.

Eat Food High In Antioxidants

Antioxidants reduce inflammation and take care of the free radicals that lead to cell damage. A great way to increase antioxidant consumption is to drink green tea. Try to aim for four cups per day.

Also, contrary to popular belief, chocolate itself does not lead to acne. Well, dark chocolate, anyway. Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants.

Look For Foods That Are Known To Prevent Skin Cancer

Want flawless skin? Avoid skin cancer. Duh, right?

Leafy greens like spinach have been shown to reduce the incidence of skin tumors by half as much in people with a history of skin cancer. Vitamin A is also known to limit skin cancer cells, so again, eat those carrots. Green tea has been shown to prevent skin cancer as well.

Eat Lycopene

Lycopene is what gives tomatoes their red color. It’s another element in the war against free radicals that can age skin. Heat tomatoes to release the most lycopene.