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Image: Shutterstock/Denis Makarenko

The actresses of Hollywood change their hair color so often that you can barely tell if their present hair color is their natural color or not. Hollywood stars are usually considered gods and goddesses by a lot of normal people because of their seemingly perfect appearance. We all seem to forget sometimes that they are human beings, especially when we see them looking so perfect on the red carpet.

Emma Stone is one of Hollywood’s darlings. Men and women love her because of her looks, her personality, and of course, her talent. She is considered to be one of Hollywood’s fresh-faced beauties, but before she achieved her stunning style, she managed to go through some beauty and fashion disasters too. But, what is Emma Stone’s natural hair color? Can you guess Emma Stone’s natural hair color? If you answered red, then you are wrong. Her natural hair color is blonde! Are you surprised? A lot of people are too.

Emma has stated in detail how she has become a redhead. She was in an audition and she was told to make her hair red. She did it, and this is the reason why she is known as the “cute” redhead. Aside from Emma Stone, there are a lot of other celebrities in Hollywood who are sporting a different color from their natural hair color?

You may know Dianna Agron on Glee when she played the role of Quinn. You have always appreciated her blonde locks, but do you know that she is a natural redhead? Leighton Meester needed to have brunette hair for her role in Gossip Girl as Blair Waldorf when her hair color is blonde (just like Emma Stone’s natural hair color). We have to admit that the hair color they are required to have usually looked better on them than their natural hair color.

Emma Stone’s Natural Body

Emma Stone says that while she does training for the roles that she has to play, she does not like lifting weights. One thing that you can expect her to do is Pilates. This is something that she will do without prompting. Like us, she also pokes fun at her body. She has always wished that she would have more curves someday, but as of now, she has a young-looking body that is not bad at all. In fact, her body fits her. This just proves a point that we are always overly critical of ourselves that we fail to see our own beauty.

Based on the things that you have learned, are you interested in changing your hair color soon, too? Will you consider changing your hair to Emma Stone’s natural hair color of blonde? Go to a professional for these types of hair service so that you will have the right shade of color that you want unless you prefer to end up with green hair.