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Essential oils nail care

What’s the secret to perfect nails? Essential oils! If you use the correct oils and recipes, you can achieve strong nails, healthy cuticles and smooth skin. The best part is that by using the oils, you’re not putting harmful chemicals in your body. These all-natural solutions are healthy and affordable, so why not try one today? Here’s your guide to essential oils nail care.


This essential oil is known for moisturizing. By applying it to your nails, you can protect your nails from bitterness and easy breaking, while moisturizing your dry cuticles. It can also strengthen weak nails.

  • Moisturizer: Fill a roll-on bottle ¾ way full with grapeseed oil and then add five drops of myrrh. Shake well. Roll on and around your cuticles at night before bed.
  • Strengthener: Combine two tablespoons of apricot oil, two drops of wheat germ oil, two drops of frankincense, and two drops of myrrh. Rub on your nails twice a week.


Also a moisturizer, frankincense protects cuticles from infection and peeling. It can fight off nail fungus, as well, that hinders nail growth.

  • Strengthener: Combine the following oils in a roll-on bottle: fifteen drops of frankincense, fifteen drops of lemon, fifteen drops of Idaho balsam fir, and fifteen drops of carrot seed oil. Fill the remainder of the bottle with flax seed oil. Shake the bottle to combine. Apply to your nails several times a week.
  • Stimulator: Soften 1 ½ tablespoons of raw shea butter using a double boiler. Mix it well with a spoon until creamy. Add five drops of frankincense and stir. Apply twice a day or before going to bed.
  • Conditioner: Combine four tablespoons of Argan oil and fifteen drops of frankincense. Apply to your nails daily, shaking well before use.


This oil works to hydrate, strengthen, and soften nail beds. It, too, fights against infection, to give you healthy nails and cuticles. Since it’s one of the safest oils, it can be applied directly to nails.

  • Nail Soak: Mix one cup of water, one tablespoon of olive oil, and up to fifteen drops of lavender oil. Makes one use. Wash and clean your hands before soaking. Soak hands in mixture as often as necessary.


Lemon works to brighten dull nails and increase whiteness. The vitamin C will nourish your cuticles, as well.

  • Nail Soak: Fill a small bowl with two to three tablespoons of olive oil and add five drops of lemon oil. Wash and clean your hands before soaking. Soak your nails for at least five minutes.
  • Strengthener: Combine four drops of wheat germ oil, two drops of frankincense, two drops of myrrh, two drops of lemon, and one drop of wintergreen. Apply one drop to each nail a few times each day.


This oil will moisturize your nails, promoting nail growth and strength. It also contains antibacterial properties to prevent infection.

  • Nighttime Nail Rub: Fill a small vial (10 ml) with equal portions of jojoba oil and rosehip oil. Add five drops of geranium oil. Shake well and apply to your nails nightly.