ethereal hairstyles

Want to add an otherworldly touch to your hairstyle? Then you’ll want to take a look at ethereal hairstyles. This is right off of spring fashion runways, and usually involves adding some star or flower hairpieces right into a ponytail. The ponytail is usually tied low, and then flowers that look free-floating are added to the hair leading into the ponytail.

The look is mainly achieved via hairpins like these. But beyond that, there are also celestial pieces that work for a similar whimsical, romantic look. You can also shake things up with a different hairstyle, like a half-up do. Below are several ways to rock an ethereal hairstyle.

Flower ponytail: One of the most popular looks is that low ponytail tied at the base of the neck. Then bright flower hairpins are added into the hair leading to the ponytail. A couple of flower pins are even in the ponytail itself. The trick with this look is to bunch most of the flowers together, with a few separate ones here and there, to create a pattern like the flowers growing out in the wild.

Flower ponytail braid: A similar look is to add faux baby’s breath flowers into a ponytail that has a Dutch braid worked into it. It creates that similar ethereal, romantic look.

Star up do: A stunning look is to do a knotted up do, then add a few loose star pins into the style here and there.

Half-up do with starts: Another romantic look is to start by creating a half-up do. Twist the hair tie to the side and pin it under some hair so it’s hidden. Then add some star pins in the hair leading to the hidden tie.

Starbursts in long hair: This look is also stunning in hair that is hanging down. Put some star pins in the hair around the back of the head to look like an inverted tiara.

Celestial clips: An easy idea is to pin hair up into a messy bun. Then have some metallic star and moon pieces sticking up out of the bun.

Jeweled flowers: Large, jeweled flowers fit this look as well. They look stunning holding a crisscrossed pattern in the back of long hair.

Moon with tasseled jewels: One look that screams otherworldly is long, jeweled tassels hanging off of a main moon hairpiece.

Crescent moon hairclip: If you just need a basic hairclip, but want to look slightly ethereal, a moon clip could work.