pink beautyblender on white counter with foundation
Image: Thumbelina Lillie

It would be hard to find a professional makeup artist without this one tool—a beautyblender. Backstage at runways and red carpet events you’ll see every makeup bag with one, and it’s an essential for every model’s and celebrity’s travel bag. The funny-looking pink beautyblender may seem useless at first glance, but it’s far more powerful than your typical makeup brushes. The life-saving tool was created by Rea Ann Silva, who has done makeup for Kerry Washington, Alicia Silverstone, and many others. So what exactly does it do?

First off, the beautyblender is oddly-shaped so that it can apply makeup in every nook and cranny for complete coverage. After wetting the sponge and squeezing out excess water, you dip it in cream makeup and gently bounce it along the skin. This allows you to get fuller coverage without using excess makeup. This bouncing technique makes it much easier for you to blend your makeup too.

If you make a mistake and apply the wrong shade or simply too much blush or foundation, drag a dry beautyblender over the makeup to erase it. Excess makeup will be removed without leaving any remaining marks or smudges.

Another great use for the beautyblender is to use it to evenly apply sunscreen and self-tanner. No more streaks! Apply these just as you would makeup—bouncing along your skin for the most even complexion.

You may have already guessed it, but you can also use the beautyblender for applying an assortment of skincare products like primer, lotion, and serums. For the fastest and most even application of any beauty or skincare product, the beautyblender is just what you need.