jade roller on wood
Image: Caitlin Cooks

Jade rollers will give your face a lymphatic massage to instantly eliminate dark circles and bags. After just one time, your skin will be brighter and more alive. You can copy this technique without any fancy tools by doing your own lymphatic massage. You’ll simply need your ring fingers and some face cream.

The process begins by applying face or eye cream under your eyes. Place your ring fingers on the inner corners under your eyes. Gently massage this area by rotating your finger in a circular motion. Keep doing this as you gradually make it to the outer corner of your eyes. Continue to massage to your ears, but press harder once you move past your eyes. This technique breaks up your blood cells and moves them away from under your eyes.

For easier and more effective lymphatic massage, you’ll need a jade roller. This tool increases stimulation, drains congested lymph nodes, rids the body of toxins and waste, stimulates collagen production, helps with sinus issues, and ultimately clears your under-eye circles.

Store your jade roller in the fridge because the stone is naturally a cooler temperature, and the cold temp is incredibly refreshing. Apply cream under your eyes as you would for your DIY lymphatic massage. The roller will help the cream sink into your skin much better. Go through the same motion—massage from the inner corners of your eyes and out to your ears. Repeat a few times and go through this process in the morning and at night.