granny hair trend
Image: Tanya Bedi

Everything You Need To Know About The Granny Hair Trend

Odds are, you may have seen #GrannyHair. If not, the trend is exactly what it sounds like: dying hair to get the peppery shades of life’s twilight years. Maybe you think it’s brave, unique and charming, or maybe you think it’s just weird. Either way, below is the guide to granny hair, should you want to try the trend or even just learn more about it.

Pick Your Shade

Surprisingly, granny hairstyles come in several shades like any other hair color. It varies from white hair to basic grey to platinum to greyish blue. A common look for granny hair is to also combine the silvery locks with shots of punk colors like pastel purple highlights or a pink/grey ombre look.

The How-To Of Granny Hair

Granny hair will require a ton of dedication, since it’s just as much of a production as it looks. Then again, if you’re used to bleaching your hair for blonde hues or you’ve experimented for years to keep your hair that perfect shade of red, much of the process may seem old hat.

Generally, you need to let your hair rest for six months prior to getting this look. Yes, that means six months of creeping roots, fading color and general dishevelment, though you could avoid this by dying your hair its natural color and then letting that sit for six months.

Then, a week before the dye job, make sure to hit a deep conditioning treatment. Wash your hair as little as possible throughout the week. Consider cutting off any damaged ends so that the bleaching process cannot damage them more. You’ll want your hair to be as healthy and hydrated as possible.

You’ll then need to bleach your hair, of course. If you have very dark hair, it will require a multistep application to strip the hair of the various shades it can go through. An in-between shade for black hair can be bright orange, for instance. You may want to consider going to a salon if you’re apprehensive about the process. Otherwise, follow the instructions on the bleaching kit.

The process may include a purple toner to minimize yellow hues so that you’re left with a basic platinum blond. After that, the purplish-looking grey dye is applied so your hair can look truly granny-like.

Keeping Those Grey Locks

Unfortunately, grey hair is like any hair dye. It will fade out. You’ll need to stick to the same color maintenance tips as other dyes. Pick color-safe shampoo and conditioner. You’ll need a grey color depositing product to use every week or two. Root touch-ups need to take place every six to eight weeks as normal, or grow out the roots for an ombre effect.

There you have it: how to get trendy granny hair. As it turns out, it’s not so terribly different from any other wild dye job.