BeFunky Collage

You’ve probably seen metallic lipstick, but now the huge trend is metallic hair. At first glance, the look appears to be a pastel trend, but look closer, and the hair has a metallic hue to it. The look is usually achieved by mixing fashion colors with tones of bronze, silver and grey for a radiant shimmer. Or another take on metallic hair is to wear it a bold gunmetal grey with optional silver highlights. Still others go for a bold metallic shimmer through golden tones.

This is another look that is best achieved at a salon, unless you really know what you are doing with hair color. It has a lot of different hues working for it, and it might be hard to source some of the shades you’ll need in a box dye.

If you want to do it yourself, you’ll need to bleach your hair to the lightest blonde, if you don’t have it there already, and then apply your metallic dyes. These aren’t to be confused with metallic dyes that give a progressive hair color, usually in men. We’re talking in terms of shade.

You’ll want to find greys, golds, bronzes or pastel hues with a metallic shimmer to them. A beauty supply store may have some you can mix yourself with developer. Or the closest box dye that may help is L’Oreal’s pastel shades, which all have a bit of a metallic look to them (like a lot of L’Oreal’s box dyes).

But before any of that, you’ll want to figure out how you want to wear the look. There are tons of ways to wear metallic hair. Below are some of the most popular options to get you started.

  • Metallic pink: This is one of the most popular looks. It’s a cool pink layered on top of radiant silver in cascading, chunky highlights.
  • Metallic blue: Close to the denim hair trend, this look contains cool blues intermixed with highlights of silver.
  • Warm bronze: If you’re not into fashion colors, but want a little bit of a metallic boost, consider a bronze shade. These are fairly easy to find in box dyes, as well.
  • Metallic violet: Cool, pastel purple undertones mixed with varying levels of silver are also a popular take on the metallic hair trend.
  • Rose gold: Technically its own trend, rose gold also fits into the metallic trend. It’s a lovely shade that’s a warm pinkish golden blonde color.
  • Metallic teal: Greenish shades with silver and grey mixed in are always a hit with this look.
  • Grey: A light gunmetal grey is a huge hit with the trend, dubbed “metallic pearl grey” on Pinterest.
  • Shimmery silver: Find the lightest, most iridescent shade of sliver for this look.
  • Warm gold: Another way to tap the look without going extreme is to opt for the warmest shade of gold hair with a metallic sheen.