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Everything You Need To Know About Strobing

Move over contouring. Strobing is the way to go for youthful, radiant skin. But what is it? Strobing is a way of applying makeup for a more “dewy” appearance. The method highlights skin, adds moisture and creates an overall more radiant appearance due to how you apply moisturizer and makeup. It’s a close cousin to conventional contouring, but quicker and easier. Below is your guide to get the perfect strobing look.

What Products Should I Use?

When it comes to strobing, highlighting products matter. For the brightest look, go for liquid or cream-based highlighters, since those will give you the most dewy appearance. A good product is BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector, which you can find in multiple shades. You can also go for illuminators like BB Plus Illumination Creme, MAC pigment, the Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator or your basic palette highlighters.

If you have oily skin, opt for a powder highlighter, like Youngblood Mineral Radiance Bronzer in Sundance. That will help you achieve the highlighting effect, without overdosing on the shine.

Also, you’ll need to know the right highlighter product for your skin tone. Fair skin types should aim for champagne shades, light to medium skin should opt for pink champagne shades, olive skin tones should go for gold and dark skin should opt for terracotta-type shades.

The Basics Of Strobing

Strobing isn’t excessively complicated like contouring can get. With the easy step-by-step tutorial below, you’ll have that youthful, dewy look in no time.

  1. Start by applying a base of quality moisturizer. Since this method is all about looking dewy, you’ll need very hydrated skin. Go oil-free with your moisturizer if you have oily skin.
  2. If you use liquid foundation and concealer, apply them now.
  3. Knowing where to apply the highlighter is key. You’ll want it just above your eyebrow, on your cheekbones, over the bridge of your nose, on your Cupid’s bow (the small concave area right above the lips), at the center of your forehead and on your chin. That will all accent what naturally catches the light to begin with. Though your mileage may vary. If another part of your face catches the light, be sure to highlight there. Or only go for certain areas you wish to accent.
  4. Be delicate in the way you apply the highlighter. Apply enough to show, but resist the urge to slather it on for the heaviest highlighting effect possible. Keep it more on the subtle side for a natural glow.
  5. Blend in the highlighter with a finger or damp sponge.
  6. Cover the highlighted areas with a powder foundation. Be delicate with the powder so as to not rub away the highlighting product.
  7. Add very small amounts of powder to the rest of your face.
  8. Apply the rest of your makeup like normal. Opt for a matte finish in your other products if you have oily skin so as to not get too much of a shine.

See? Easy! Now you’ll have that perfect dewy appearance that won’t look overdone or oily.