Portrait of young beautiful girl with long messy hair and clean make-up
Image: Olga Ekaterincheva/Shutterstock

It’s a wide known fact that full, even eyebrows frame your face and ensure the rest of your makeup looks better. There was a time when people basically had no eyebrows because thin eyebrows were popular (we were all victims of this). Drawing eyebrows on top of non-existent ones can be challenging. This is when eyebrow extensions can be very helpful. Instead of drawing your eyebrows on every time you leave your house, you can always have great brows that don’t need a lot of touch-ups.

Some Facts about Eyebrow Extensions

Here are some details that will help you understand what eyebrow extensions are:

  • The process involves placing individual brow hairs on your eyebrow area.
  • The hair will not be placed in random order, but the professional doing the procedure will follow the shape of your brows, so that they will fit well with your face shape.
  • People who have alopecia or are undergoing chemotherapy may also benefit from this procedure.

What to Expect

  1. The first step is to find the right person to do your eyebrow extensions. You don’t want to choose a random person that might make your eyebrows look clownish, right? When you choose the professional to perform your procedure, you can proceed to the next step.
  2. The second step is going for a consultation. You are going to meet up with the professional, and he or she will outline the type of eyebrows that they feel will be the best fit for you, depending on your face shape. You will also be given a price, depending on the amount of hair that will be placed on your skin. If you agree with the brow shape, you can continue to the third step.
  3. Cleaning of your brows is important. The area should be exfoliated, and artificial brow hairs and dead skin cells should be removed. You will also be shown the various colors of eyebrow extensions. It is best to choose one that best fits your hair color.
  4. The brow hair will be applied to different areas of your eyebrows. Some will be placed on your skin and these may last for up to 5 days, while those that are applied on your existing eyebrow hairs may last for a couple of weeks or so.

Once the procedure is done, you can take a look at yourself in the mirror to see if you are happy with the results. You will get brows that you have always wanted without having to fix them up all the time. Of course, you do need to have the eyebrow extensions reapplied every few weeks to maintain their appearance.

While they look amazing, remember that they are not permanent, and you have to keep up refills regularly. It may make you feel like you have just let your money go down the drain, so it may be nice to try once, perhaps for a special occasion.