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If there is one area of makeup that women can’t live without right now, it’s eyebrow makeup. There are different types available, and the way you fill in your brows varies person to person. Most women spend about 5-10 minutes on their eyebrows every day. If all women were gifted with perfect eyebrows, just imagine the things that can be done with this time every morning.

If you want to wake up with perfect eyebrows every day, an eyebrow tattoo might be the option for you. Whenever you hear the term “tattoo” related to eyebrows, you cannot help but think about the typical tattooed brow that looks very unnatural. The eyebrow tattoos available now look much more natural than you think.

Whether you are always on the go, or you have always dreaded having sparse eyebrows, getting an eyebrow tattoo may be the solution you are searching for.


What you need to know:

Here are a few details that you need to know about getting an eyebrow tattoo so that you can prepare yourself.


This is considered an investment, so you may have to pay a bit of money to get the eyebrows that you want. The average cost ranges between $300 -$500. A follow-up session will cost between $100 -$150, on average. A lot of people who have undergone the procedure say that the amount of money they spent on it is well worth it.

It will not last forever

You are going to have the tattoo for a year or two because they use temporary ink. Some may even have it for up to 3 years. This might put you off a bit until you realize how much eyebrow trends change. You never know, sparse eyebrows may become popular again in the future. You can never tell for sure. You can get touch-ups every 8 months or so, but you will not have it forever. This fact is especially important if you hate the way that your eyebrows turned out.

Some skin types retain the pigmentation more than others

There are some whose eyebrows will look better than most because their skin was able to absorb the ink properly. This would usually result in darker and more natural-looking eyebrows. You may require two sessions before you can get the type of eyebrows you want.

The whole procedure will take about 2 hours

There are a lot of things that should be considered before you eyebrows are inked. Your face shape has to be considered, as well as the color that will be used for the eyebrow tattoo. The eyebrows should look natural, so it is crucial that the right type will be chosen. Talk to your artist to make sure he or she knows exactly what you’re looking for.

Your eyebrows will not look exactly identical

Unlike using makeup where you can make your eyebrows look identical to each other, remember that your eyebrows are not exactly identical. They may look similar but for a more natural look, and to have the best possible brows, their natural shape should still be considered. You want them to look like sisters, not twins.

You will need to take good care of your eyebrows after the eyebrow tattoo session. Expect that it is going to scab a bit a couple of days after, but this is all part of the process. After a week you will see the final product. We hope that you will be completely happy with it!