woman with beautiful bold eye brows

Bold, defined eyebrows are still going strong in the fashion world, with many of us opting for waxing or threading procedures to help shape our brows. Some women prefer waxing, and others threading–but which procedure is best for you? Below, we’ll go over the details of these different procedures to determine which one best suits your beauty needs.


Hair removal via waxing involves the application and removal of wax to an area of the skin. When the wax is applied to your skin, it binds to any hairs on its surface–and when it is removed, it pulls away those hairs.

From a convenience standpoint, waxing is definitely the superior option of the two. It’s less time-intensive than threading, as larger hair growth areas can be targeted in one go. There’s also the ultra-convenient option of buying waxing kits to use at home. If you have a larger area of hair that you’d like removed, you’re pressed for time, or you want privacy, then waxing might be the right option for you.

Waxing also beats threading from a cost perspective, because there’s the option of purchasing a relatively cost-effective at-home waxing kit.

Because waxing removes more hairs in one go than threading, waxing is also better from a pain perspective. Threading tends to hurt for longer because fewer hairs can be removed at once.


In contrast to waxing, threading involves the removal of hair using a threadlike tool. The thread is passed over the skin, pulling out sections of hair as it goes.

If you have sensitive skin, threading is probably a better option for you: Sensitive skin can react against waxing solutions, and the actual act of ripping the wax off of your skin can also cause damage. There’s also a slight risk of scarring as a result of waxing. You can avoid this by protecting your skin from the sun after a waxing procedure–but if you want to stay on the safe side, opt for threading instead.

Threading also requires less upkeep than waxing, due to the lessened risk of skin damage and irritation. If you don’t want to worry about caring for your skin post-procedure, threading is probably the right option for you.

Meanwhile, threading can be performed with more precision than waxing, because it involves removing fewer hairs in one go. If you’re seeking a more natural look or something that requires a certain level of skill, then threading is probably the way to go. This makes threading an especially good option when it comes to shaping the eyebrows.

Bonus: Dermaplaning

Waxing and threading aren’t the only hair removal options, however. If you’re waging war against peach fuzz on your cheeks, you might want to consider dermaplaning for maximum results. This procedure involves scraping off the outermost layer of the skin with a scalpel, removing dead skin cells and hair. It might sound terrifying, but it’s an excellent way to exfoliate the skin and boost collagen production while getting rid of unwanted hair. It’ll also give you softer, smoother skin, allowing makeup to glide more smoothly onto your skin’s surface.