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Evening out your eyebrows can frame your face and change your whole look.  A bold brow can give you a more balanced, and sometimes daring look. Darker eyebrows may be more crowded and thick; and eyebrows similar to the color of your hair can give you a balanced and natural look. While the eyebrow tint process is quite simple, applying a dye on sensitive skin around the eyes can be a little dangerous. As a result, this practice is reserved for estheticians who are found at beauty institutes and salons specialized in this area.

Choosing eyebrow tint

First, you have to choose the color you want. Brown, dark gray, black, or even dark blue are all popular possibilities. If you’re going for a natural look, choose a shade 2-3 shades darker than your natural brows. Before applying the dye to the eyebrows, the esthetician is careful to apply a fatty cream under the eyes and/or a protective film around the eye to prevent small drops of dye from marking the skin. The dye is applied with a very small brush along the length of the eyebrows and must be left on for about ten minutes before being rinsed.

In the same vein as the semi-permanent mascara, the tinting of the eyebrows allows you to have a refined look without putting on make-up. Its time-saving efficiency is also considerable, and the duration of the tinting effect is about two months.

Above all, eyebrow tint is aimed at women whose complexion is more on the fair side. Do you have fair skin with luminous blonde eyebrows that blend into your skin tone? Opt for eyebrow tint.

By being more defined, the eyebrows frame the eyes beautifully, as they form a perfectly dark line. The dye obviously resists make-up remover, water, heat, and oils. It disappears completely when all the eyebrows have been renewed through regrowth, which takes about two months.

You may have an allergic reaction or damaged sensitive skin around your eyes if the tinting isn’t done properly. Furthermore, the dyes used can cause irritation and if they fall into the eyes, and may even cause blindness. Make sure you test a patch of skin beforehand so you don’t have a bad reaction.

If you decide to tint your eyebrows at home, be very careful and do not let the product fall into your eyes. Apply the dye in small amounts so that you are less likely to get a drop from the applicator in your eye. Have two bottles of sterile solution to refresh your eyes in case you get a little dye in them accidentally. Refresh your eyes with the whole bottle, and if the burning continues, use the second bottle. In addition, be sure to pre-test the dye on the skin on the back of the neck or inside the upper arm. If your skin does not react two days after the treatment, then you can dye your eyebrows without worrying about any reaction.

As a final precaution, avoid using hair dye. The dye formulated for the scalp is too abrasive for the skin around the eyes. You could damage the fragile skin around your eyes or even burn your brows chemically.