There are so many shades of brown eyes – from dark chocolate to golden hazel, light chocolate, and coffee-colored. And regardless of which color you have, you want to make a statement with your makeup and make your eyes pop. We all want to find the best ways to enhance the natural colors of our eyes to maintain their sparkle. Wondering what the best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes are? Keep reading!

1. Purple Eyeshadows

For dark, beautiful eyes, purple is a perfect shade to match. Purple is royalty, and any shade of purple eyeshadow can be applied on brown eyes – from lavender to eggplant. Purple is somewhat bright, so it will highlight your natural brown eyes and make the white part of the eyes pop as well. We are in love with the Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay with everything from vivid purples to neutral transition shades.

Purple and brown are contrasting, so your brown eyes will stand out with a purple eyeshadow. Depending on the timing of your event, you can also switch your looks using different shades of purple. You can create a smoky daytime look by combining a lighter shade of purple with black eyeshadows. And for night outings, stick to darker shades.

2. Gold Eyeshadows

The color gold alone is shiny and glamorous. Now imagine having it complement your brown eyes. Gorgeous, right? Gold will amplify the warm undertones of your eyes and give you a luxurious look with a bright and beautiful background. Our favorite gold eyeshadow palette for brown eyes is the Urban Decay Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette.

Similarly, most brown eyes have minor deposits of gold or yellow pigments. So, when your eyes is hit by the sun, the golden-brown combination will naturally sparkle. There are a few shades of gold that are a perfect match with brown eyes. Consider golden shade options like copper, bronze, rose gold, and shimmery yellow.

3. Green Eyeshadows

Green is also a universal color that is loved for its flattering and stunning looks. So, as a person with brown eyes, you can choose a cool-looking green color to create a beautifully contrasting look. Make your eyes pop with Urban Decay’s Naked Wild West Eyeshadow Palette.

Apply the green eyeshadow all over the lid and use a gold eyeshadow to line the bottom and inner corner of each eye to really accentuate your brown eyes. Mix with a silver eyeshadow or eyeliner pencil to further enhance your look.

4. Red Eyeshadows

You probably have heard of the expression “when unsure, wear red.” The same rule is applicable to makeup eyeshadow colors for brown eyes. Apart from red eyeshadow and brown eyes being a perfect combo, this particular blend is also very trendy and perfect for making a statement – especially at big events this season. You can’t go wrong with the Naked Cherry Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay with their rich, blendable shades.

From bright red to maroon, and other shades of red, there are a myriad of options for you to choose from when considering red eyeshadow for your eyes. You can create a warm-toned look that will make your natural eye color pop or go for a red, smoky look.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Eyeshadow Colors for Brown Eyes

Before choosing an eyeshadow palette for brown eyes, here are the things to consider:

  • Eye Color

Truly, you’ve got brown eyes. But as mentioned earlier, there are different shades of brown eyes. So, you want to find out what shade your eyes are exactly before selecting eyeshadow colors.

It is important to note that if you have dark brown eyes, warmer eyeshadow tones are more suitable for you, while light brown eyes match better with dark eyeshadow colors.

  • Skin Tone

Color is everything in makeup, and the color of your skin also comes into play when deciding which eyeshadow color is best for you. There are cold, neutral, and warm skin tones. For cold skin tones, go for an ivory eyeshadow as a blend. For warm skin tones, pink or brown shades are your go-to colors. And for neutral skin tones, you can mix both variants.

  • Hair Color

When choosing a makeup palette, ensure your hair color matches the makeup shade. If you have brown eyes, darker hair colors are more suitable for you. So, use warm eyeshadows as well. On the other hand, use cool eyeshadow tones if your hair has a lighter color.

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