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With a new season upon us comes a new excuse to experiment with makeup trends. From the wild statement looks, to looks you could apply before work tomorrow, fall fashion shows give a lot to think about. Below are some of the top makeup trends for Fall 2016.

Here are fall 2016’s hottest makeup trends and how to master them.

Black-red lipstick

A huge hit this year is dark, dark red lipstick. Dark red lipstick is a mainstay for fall, but this look is so dark it’s almost black. So as to not be too overbearing, it’s usually paired with a more nude, muted look with the rest of the makeup.

Black eyeliner

A hot look this fall is going heavy with the black eyeliner. It’s a fast way to get a darker-hued looked for fall. If you don’t want a look that’s too heavy, an option is to combine it with a nude eye shadow.

Candy apple red lips

Tis the season for caramel and candied apples. So candy apple red lips work very well in fall.

Glitter eye shadow

A nice, shimmery eye shadow is huge this year. Whether it’s a glittery gold, green or bronze, it’s all the rage this fall.

Peach eye shadow

Usually reserved for spring, peach shades around the eyes are making their way into fall looks this year. It’s a light, delicate look that just works, even in fall.

Artistic accents

The runway has some truly wild artistic accents, including random lines drawn with eyeliner across the nose and running off the eye. For a more subtle look for a party, try drawing small stars under your eyes.

Glitter freckles

Tying in with the glitter eye shadow, glitter freckles are huge right now. It’s like the body glitter of your middle school days, but it verges more on the sequin size for your face. It’s applied by spreading Vaseline on the skin and putting some glitter on top.

Silver-accented eyes

A really attractive look is to accent the eyes with silver eye shadow. This is usually done by adding a bit of silver to the inner corners of the eye.