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If you keep up with social media, you are fully aware of the beauty trend of the year: faux lashes. While “eyebrows on fleek” are still an important component to the ideal fully made up look, faux lashes are the new trend that flatters everybody. There are many benefits of faux lashes including an overall flirtier look, eye-popping dimension, and less of a need to focus on finding the perfect mascara. With faux lashes being sold nearly everywhere that makeup is sold, this beauty trend can seem too good to be true. The only catch, however, is that without proper application, faux lashes can look tacky and fake. With the proper application of faux lashes though, your eyelashes can look fuller, darker, and more voluminous—in the most natural-looking way. Follow the tips below to ensure the perfect application of faux lashes.

Wash Up

Before you begin, make sure your hands are clean. Wash them with soap and water before touching your natural eyelashes or the faux lashes. Since you will be applying the lashes onto your eye area, it is important to remember that the cleaner your hands are, the better.

Gather Your Supplies

To apply your faux lashes and make them look natural, you will need one set of faux eyelashes, lash glue, scissors, and a mirror. There are tons of varieties of lashes to choose from—so pick one that suits your mood!

Trim Your Lashes

Since lashes come in a “one size fits all” strip, you will most likely need to trim your eyelash strips. Hold your eyelash strip up to your eye and use your finger to designate the start and end of your natural lash line. Hold the lash strip away from your eye and trim the strip to the proper size.

Apply Lash Glue

Apply a very small amount of lash glue to the top of the eyelash strip. Make sure the size of the strip is accurate and that you are ready to apply the faux lashes to your natural lash line. Once applied, the glue dries quickly—time is of the essence!

Apply Faux Lashes

Hold the faux lash strip gently by the ends and match the end of the faux lashes with the end of your natural lash line. Once the lashes are properly lined up, press the faux lashes in and hold firmly. The goal is to apply the faux lashes to your natural lashes, instead of your skin. If it helps to pinch together your natural lashes and your faux lashes, it would be a good idea to hold them until they are firmly attached.

Keep Calm and Carry On

At this point, your faux lashes should be applied and looking as natural as can be! Now would be a good time to curl your lashes and apply mascara.

Just like anything, applying faux lashes can take practice to achieve perfection. If you follow these tips, you will be one step closer to applying faux lashes that look totally natural.