Hair styling can seem incredibly intimidating–and expensive, what with all of the implements and products that advertisers would like us to buy–but it can actually be fairly easy to play with wavy hair effects. Better yet, the wealth of high-quality products that can be found in drugstores these days make it possible for experiment with different wavy hair looks without breaking the bank. In this post, we’ll discuss some of our favorite drugstore products for wavy hair, from leave-in conditioners to sea salt sprays.

Shea Moisture’s 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Leave-In Treatment

Basically a hair miracle, this leave-in treatment can be spritzed and lightly combed into your hair in order to hydrate and protect your locks all day long. If you want to create a wavy hair effect using a styling tool, we recommend working a moderate amount of this treatment into your hair before you begin. The coconut oil will help to protect your hair from the heat of the styling tool, and the moisture will help keep your hairstyle locked in place all day.

You should note that it’s important to wash your hair regularly if you use leave-in products such as this one, particularly if you use them close to your scalp. Over time, products like these can cause buildup at your scalp, clogging your hair follicles and sabotaging healthy hair growth. If you’re not into using shampoo, you could opt for an apple cider vinegar rinse instead!

Kristin Ess’ Hydrating Curl Defining Creme

This is a super versatile, low-maintenance styling creme for wet hair. All you need to do is apply the product to wet hair from roots to ends, comb it out, and then style as desired. If you’re going for a natural, laid-back, beachy look, you could experiment by twisting sections of hair in order to create waves. If you want to go bigger and bolder, you could use a styling tool to create more defined, glamorous waves. No matter what look you’re going for, this creme will help to keep your waves defined and in place throughout the day.

Kristin Ess’ Working Texture Loose Styling Powder

This handy styling powder can be used on dry hair to promote waviness and texture. It’s a brilliant, quick fix for days when you don’t have time to shower and elaborately style your hair, but you’d still like to amp up your look with some texture. The powder can be worked through dry hair with a comb or brush, or can even be sprinkled onto a braid in order to give it a volume boost. Either way, it’ll help to intensify your hair’s natural waves and volume.

Not Your Mothers’ Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray

This sea salt spray is the perfect product for creating natural, beachy waves that can complement any look. You can use it on dry, wet, or damp hair–and all you need to do is hold the bottle well away from your head, spray, and then scrunch it through your locks. This product also adds a nice, matte finish to your hair, making it perfect for outdoor days when you’re worried about oiliness.