There are so many different styles of dresses to choose from. Unlike what you see in the magazines, there is not a cookie-cutter shape that works for all women. It’s important to think about shape rather than weight when choosing clothing to best flatter your figure. Once you have determined your body shape, how do you know which style looks best on you? Flattering dresses exist for every single body type, you just have to know which type looks like you!


A-line skirt
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A straight body type has less definition between the bust, waist and hips. Empire wastes and A-line skirts complement your body shape well to create some curves, so opt for a dress with an obvious waste line.


Petite dress
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A petite body type is seen on women 5’4″ and under. Since you lean toward the shorter side, dresses with shorter sleeves and hemlines won’t swallow you up, or require you to get anything altered. Go for dresses in the petite section.


apple shaped
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On an apple shaped body, the narrowest part is above the natural waist at your rib cage. Anything above the waist (think empire waists or dramatic necklines) draw the eye up and away from the bottom half. Flowy dresses also act as camouflage for the places you don’t want to accentuate.


hourglass dress
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Hourglass figures are curvaceous women with a full bust, defined waist and full hips. Anything fitted will accentuate your curves and your small waist, so pick a dress that hugs your body!


pear shaped dress
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Pear shaped bodies are smaller at the top, and fuller at the hips and booty. Strapless dresses look especially flattering on you, as well as anything with a high waist to distract from the hips.