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Finding a pair of jeans that fit you perfectly often feels like a grand adventure. There are so many factors to take into consideration: Is the inseam the right length? Will this waistline leave you with an awkward, huge gap by your butt?

Don’t throw in the towel just yet. With so many different types on the market, having a staple pair that seriously compliments your shape and size is crucial. Use this guide to score jeans that flatter your figure, no matter your body type.

If you have a rectangle body type…

Your hips are the same width as your shoulders. You also do not have a defined waist and have a similar shape to most models. Create the illusion of curves by wearing slightly flared jeans that are fitted on top.

If you’re tall, compliment your long legs with skinny, high-rise jeans. You can also try slim boyfriends jeans for a casual but flattering look. They will help your frame look more balanced.

If you have a pear body type…

You have a small torso and are curvier around your hips and butt. Accentuate your hips by wearing high rise jeans with bigger pockets. The higher waist will make your body look more proportionate, while the pockets will really define your derrière.

Long inseams and bootcut jeans also look very flattering on your body shape. If you find that there’s a huge gap at the back of your jeans, opt for a more fitted waist.

If you have an apple body type…

Your figure is round on top (full bust and a wider torso) and thinner on the bottom. High rise jeans are a stylish option for girls who want to draw attention away from their middle; they will make your stomach look smaller while defining your curvy shape. If you want to balance out your bottom half, wear trouser jeans since the legs are wider.

If you have an hourglass body type…

You have a narrow waist, and your bust and hip are the same width. Compliment your natural curves by wearing skinny jeans or slightly flared jeans, which will help streamline your bottom. Go for a medium to high rise to accentuate your slim waist.

If you’re shorter, you may want to wear heels with your skinny jeans to avoid making your legs looking heavier than they actually are.

If you have an inverted triangle or square body type…

You have an athletic body that falls into one of two categories: an inverted triangle with broad shoulders and a narrow waist or a square with muscular thighs.

If you have muscular thighs, stretchy jeans are your best friend. They will have a slimming effect on your thighs while also giving you curves. If you’re not a big fan, wide leg trousers will also flatter your bottom half without being too baggy.