dancing flame hair color

From galaxy hair to oil slick hair, people have been using beautiful pictures to inspire hair colors all over Pinterest. One of the latest ideas is fire hair, which of course, is inspired by photos of fire. The most common hair colors are bright reds, flaming oranges and hot yellows. Some looks even combine other flame colors, like blue.

If you want the fire hair look and have naturally dark hair, bleach your hair to the lightest blonde possible and then apply statement colors like Manic Panic or Arctic Fox. There’s a ton of color melting going on with this look, so you may want to head to a salon if you’re at all concerned that you’ll mess it up.

Below are several ways to wear this look, ranging from the boldest neon looks to the most subtle flame tips. This girl is on fire!

Fire Hair Inspiration Pictures

Multicolored Flame

Fire Hair #1 - Purple Roots with Yellow and Orange Mids
Image: Pinterest

Some fire hair images you’ll see online incorporates tones of blue, pink and purple, in addition to the reds and oranges you normally see. For instance, this flame-inspired fire hair starts with a purple base, leads into hot pink and yellow layers and then ends in purple or blue ends.

Fiery-Tone Hair

Fire Hair #2 - Fiery Tone Hair with Red Roots and Yellow Ends
Image: Pinterest

A more traditional look is to have a color melt starting with orange-red and leading into bright yellow ends.

Fire Ombre

Fire Hair # 3 - Fire Ombre with Dark Roots and Yellow Ends
Image: Pinterest

A more muted look incorporates bright oranges and yellows in the lengths of the hair. This fire hair is really cool (see what I did there?) with very dark hair at the top, as it looks like the flames are leaping out of nowhere. It’s a great look for wearing in a ponytail, as it makes it look like there’s just flame in the back of the head.

Blue Flame

Fire Hair #4 - Purple Roots with Yellow Ends
Image: Pinterest

If you are going for bolder and more unique fire hair, you might start with blue and purple at the top, which leads into pink, red, orange and yellow highlighted ends.

Neon Flame

Fire Hair #5 - Red Roots with Yellow and Orange Ends
Image: Pinterest

For another bold look, find neon shades in the fashion dyes such as a fire engine red, neon orange and highlighter yellow. A bright color melt from red to orange to yellow is absolutely stunning.

Flame Color Melt

Fire Hair #6 - Dark Roots with Yellow and Orange Ends
Image: Pinterest

Like the look above, this flame color melt starts with a bright red, transitioning into an orange and ending in yellow tips. What makes it distinctive is that the red starts a little further down leaving generous dark roots so it looks like the flame leaps out of nowhere.

Superhero Hair

Fire Hair #7 - Red Hair Combined with Orange Highlights
Image: Pinterest

When in doubt, find a redheaded superhero such as the X-Men’s Phoenix and mimic their hair. A red combined with orange highlights is always a pretty option!

Natural Flame Hair

Fire Hair #8 - Natural Dark Red Hair with Yellow Highlights
Image: Pinterest

This look is the most subtle of them all as it can be used to emphasize your natural hair color and give it some extra flair to create a “fiery” look.

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