fishtail braid
Image: Moskalenko Yuliya / Shutterstock

A fishtail braid looks pretty much exactly like its name suggests. Another name for the fishtail braid is called a “herringbone.” The beauty of this style came as a result of its intricate art of design. Creating your own braid is never as hard as you may imagine. Although it demands a little bit of patience to get it done correctly, all you need to do is to master the technique, and then work on it. Then you will be able to create different choices of styles with fishtail braids.

Fishtail braid instructions

  • You can begin braiding the hair by placing all the hair into a ponytail using a clip to keep the hair intact neatly. For a better end result, it is advisable to braid on dry hair. Medium and long length hair works best and must not have layers.
  • Then you separate the hair into two different equal portions. From under the left segment that is not greater than one inch, you can take a small section and put it on the right-side “part” of the hair.
  • You have to allow the tiny piece that is now on the right side to easily combine with the part on the right side by releasing your thumb and securely grasping it.
  • Go ahead and repeat the same step for the right side segment by still using an equal portion of the hair from the right segment and putting it under the left segment while it is being held securely and allowing it to come together completely with the left-side segment.
  • You will need to continue this whole process. Be aware that you need to take an equal portion of hair from each of the sections.

The fishtail is expected to look masterfully woven and symmetrical after you finished braiding. You will use elastic or a rubber band to tie it at the end of the fishtail braid to prevent it from unraveling and to secure the braid. Just ensure the type of rubber band you use is not the type that can entangle or cause split ends to the hair.
There are more than 1000 variations to this hairstyle. There is the side fishtail braid, the French and faux fishtail braid, just to name a few. For a classier look, you can roll your braid up into a low bun and secure it in place with bobby pins. This style is ideal for women with longer hair. Different hair accessories can be used to accentuate the style. Using a pin that is well positioned with the right touch will make your braid “pop”.

It is essential that the fishtail braid is done all the way to the ends of the hair so that even if the elastic band goes off from the hair, there is less chance for your hair to unravel. If you have thick hair that is highly rich in hues and different highlights on the hair strands, it will look exceptionally good on you. To add more to the style, you can also add in some bangs at the front.