Best Conditioner for dry hair
Image: puhhha

Getting split ends is the WORST. You can spend all of your money on products that promise to fix the issue, but don’t make a major difference. You know that trimming your hair is the best solution, but don’t want to set your hair growth back any more than necessary. What next?

Before you can figure out how to get rid of split ends, you need to know why they happen. A split end is caused by outside factors that weaken the outer layer of your hair. Constantly getting a sexy blowout is all fun and games until you wake up with damaged hair! Even though getting a trim is the easiest way to get rid of split ends, there are other ways to protect your ends without cutting them off.

1. Take a break from heating products.
This is one of the best ways to stop split ends from happening. When you constantly heat your hair, you are slowly breaking down your hair’s protective layer. This will cause you to get split ends faster. Instead of using a blow dryer, let your hair air dry from time to time. I wash my hair every weekend, and always let my hair air dry so it can retain more moisture. This is also a great idea if your hair is really thick or long and you hate how long it takes to dry!

2. Add a leave-in conditioner to your hair care routine.
I swear by this! Using a leave-in conditioner is an amazing way to stop split ends right in their tracks before they happen. I always carry a small bottle of conditioner in my bag so I can apply on the go, as needed. Before I use it, I wet my hair slightly so it sticks to my hair. But you can also apply it to dry hair.

3. Stop using your small-tooth comb.
As a woman with naturally thick hair, I honestly feel that using a wide-tooth comb changed my life. If you use small-tooth combs, your hair is more likely to break because it gets stuck and tangled. Wide-tooth combs are gentler on your hair and get rid of tangles faster.

4. Speaking of gentle…
It’s easy to get frustrated and want to rush through your haircare routine. I’m completely guilty of this. If you’re tired of getting split ends no matter what you do, you need to take your hair care seriously. Don’t rush through combing out your tangles or tying up your hair with elastic. Take the time to treat your hair right and it will be good to you!

5. If you do blow-dry your hair, THIS is how you do it.
Don’t press the head of the blow-dryer directly to your hair. This will only make you get split ends faster. Instead, use a nozzle as a filter. If you want to take it a step further, you can also use a round brush as you dry your hair. This will give your hair the perfect volume.

6. If you’re a DIY master, create your own conditioner using avocado and essential oils.
Avocado is known for its healing properties. Mix it with your favorite essential oil to get smooth, sleek hair every single time. I love using castor oil because it leaves my hair feeling soft and it smells really good!