Happy woman in sunglasses and dress walking outdoors. Looking at camera
Image: Shutterstock/ESB Professional

Every woman, no matter their size, deserves to look and feel their best. Part of that feeling is wearing the clothes they like, especially if they flatter all of their favorite features. As a woman who has battled with a bigger chest for most of my life, it’s been a battle discovering what fashion statements to make for myself. Not only do you want to rock the latest trends, but you have to make sure “the girls” aren’t making a run for it. There is a surefire way to execute any outfit you want, especially if you take into consideration the following:

High neckline

A bit of a higher neckline not only insures that you’re not totally hanging out, but it also slims your top half excessively. And no, you don’t have to wear a turtleneck in order to create this optical illusion, just a bit of coverage does the trick.


Pairing a nice pair of boyfriend jeans or a fabulously flirty skirt with a cotton top will hug all of the right spots, emphasizing those beautiful curves!


Do you feel like you want to have a bit of breathing room up top? Perfect! Pair your tees or blouses with a pair of skinny jeans or a tighter pencil skirt. It’s all about balance without going overboard.


There is always a dress out there to help a woman feel fancy, it just depends on the length you’re after. Anything above the knee can be tailored off with an empire waist as well as a neckline to keep the girls all snug but also showing off those natural curves. Below the knee? Try an A-line, which balances out the top aspect of the dress with the bottom, due to the perfect cut.


These bad boys fit well due to the looser blousy top. Combined with the looseness of the bottoms, it’s easy to throw on a jacket or even a light sweater and accessorize and make the chest appear a bit smaller.

It’s not always easy finding those killer outfits, and it takes a lot of frustrating hours in dressing rooms sending frantic texts to your girlfriends for opinions. But, through the good and the bad, there is always an outfit on a hanger somewhere waiting for your beautiful self to find it! Try on that piece you’ve had your eye on, even if it makes you a bit weary at first. You’ll never know until you take the risk and find out what drapes perfectly on your own unique figure.