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Food And Your Face

Ever since you got your first period and you ate an ungodly amount of chocolate, it was clear that your eating habits could directly affect your skin. Many girls have to pry their own fingers off of chocolate or French fries because they swear it makes them break out. In the same way that our bodies all react to food differently, so does our skin. This explains why some people are gluten intolerant while some people can eat an entire pizza without bloating a bit. But one thing’s for certain—there’s a direct correlation between food and your face. Find out whether you have wine, dairy, sugar, or gluten face, or a mixture of two or three.

Do You Have Wine Face?

With wine face you’ll see lines and redness between your eyes. drooping eyelids, enlarged pores, dehydrated skin with feathery lines across the cheeks, red cheeks and nose, and deep nasolabial folds.

Bottom line is that alcohol is dehydrating so it will naturally worsen fine lines and wrinkles. The area between your brows is linked to liver health, so lines will be more prevalent here. Alcohol also causes your capillaries to dilate, leading to flushed cheeks.

Do You Have Dairy Face?

Love cheese, pizza, ice cream? You may end up with swollen eyelids, baggy, dark circles under your eyes, and small, white spots on your chin.

Lactose intolerance affects the immune system which leads to an increase in inflammatory responses in the body. This leads to puffiness in the eyes. The estrogen and progesterone hormones in milk cause skin cells to over-produce, blocking your pores, bind with sebum and cause spots.

Do You Have Sugar Face?

If you have sugar face you’re more likely to have fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead. You’ll sag under the eyes and have a haggard look to the face. Pustular, painful pimples will be evenly spread throughout your face. Your skin and eyebrows will thin, and your skin tone will become more pale and white.

The pimples in sugar face are triggered by sugar disrupting the bacteria in your gut. Your digestive tract is connected to your forehead, meaning this area will be affected the most, resulting in dry skin and excess pimples. Spikes in insulin put pressure on your adrenal glands which link to your eyebrows and cause them to thin.

Do You Have Gluten Face?

Gluten face includes puffy cheeks, dark pigmentation patches, and spots around the chin.

It’s no secret that gluten makes us bloat, but an increase in inflammatory reactions (caused by gluten) in your body will lead to flushed and bloated skin.

If you have the slightest gluten intolerance your immune system will react, which will affect your reproductive balance. This leads to hormonal pimples, especially around the chin.