Detoxification (detox) is a method that has been practiced over centuries as a way to purify and re-energize the body and essentially give it a rebooting. From ancient Indian body healing rituals to fasting periods observed by many religions, humans have the innate knowledge of periods where changes have to be made for the benefit of rejuvenating the body and purging all the bad stuff (also known as toxins) from time to time. Full body detoxes are wonderful for jumpstarting the body and have been popularized for their immense benefits which include mental clarity, better digestion, faster metabolism and slimmer waistlines. Ever wondered how you can perform a simple but effective full body detox from the comfort of your own home? Look no further than the steps below.

Physical detox

Detoxifying the body basically involves feeding it with superfoods which help to reset it and restore it to its brand new state (think iPhone factory reset, but for your body). Here are simple ways to perform physical detoxes:

Eat superfoods

Your mum (and Gillian McKeith) were right! You are absolutely what you eat. So if you want to be strong and healthy with a fully capable and functioning body, you have to make sure that your diet reflects that! Choose super greens (like kale and spinach) and lots of detoxifying fruits (berries and melons are top choices) to pump your body up with super nutrients that will aid in the reset.

Drink a lot of water

This should go without saying, but unfortunately, in our soda-thirsty generation, it cannot be stressed enough! Water makes up 80% of our bodies, so it makes intuitive sense to replenish our water levels regularly during the day. Water keeps our bodies hydrated and supports various bodily functions like digestion (it also forms the base of our blood). Drink a lot of water to flush out deadly toxins and your body will be thankful for it.

Intermittent fasting

Your body is working overtime, 24/7, even when you sleep. Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that involves an ‘active period’ where you can eat (hopefully, you choose superfoods listed above!) and a ‘resting period’ where you give your body a break to concentrate more energy on fixing and rejuvenating. Many studies have shown that intermittent fasting also supports weight loss and helps to regulate blood pressure.

Purify the air you breathe

Many toxins are introduced into the body through the air that we breathe. And if you (fortunately and unfortunately) live in the heart of a bustling city, you are exposed to millions of deadly toxins all day. It has become increasingly important to detoxify the air to create small periods of respite for your respiratory system. An easy way to do this is to introduce fresh houseplants in your home to help absorb some of the toxins naturally. There are many other air purification systems on the market so do your research, and choose your pick to ensure that you are breathing in air that will make your lungs happy.


Sweating is important for controlling body temperature. It is also a great way of dispelling harmful toxins from the body. This makes exercise (or any physical activity that induces sweat) a great inclusion for detox regimes. Pick sports that you find fun, round up a group of good friends and enjoy the process of sweating out all those toxins from your body.

Mental Detox

Many people oftentimes relegate detoxing to just the physical aspects. Many studies have proven that mental detoxes are just as important! For your body to function at its optimum, you need to make sure that your mind is catered to and loved. Follow these tips to achieve a total mental detox:

Leave your work at work

There’s a reason why they are called nine-to-fives! Trailing in stress from work is one of the best ways to have a horrible night and create a mental fuss for nothing. You have to program yourself to switch immediately from work mode to relaxation mode as soon as you leave your workplace (or home office if you work from home). There are many simple ways to do that. A quick change of clothes can signal a change of pace to your brain and help it relax. Relaxing and retreating with a glass of wine and great company is also a good way to reduce stress after work.

Clean up your space

A clean environment equals a clean mind (have you noticed how you can never concentrate fully when all your stuff is everywhere?). Getting into the habit of putting things in their rightful places will help clarify your mind because there are strong links between the mental and the physical.

Be productive and helpful

Sure Netflixing and chilling is a great way to get relaxed, but it is also a great way to feel unfulfilled if you do it enough times. Real mental fulfillment comes from feeling productive and feeling helpful. Take an online class on a topic you’ve always found interesting and build your skill set to fill your downtime with positivity and progress. You can also volunteer a few hours a week to help out the less fortunate in your society (you know the man that sits at the corner of the street? Toss a couple cents in his hat and see how happy it makes him!). Being productive and being helpful are two of the best ways to achieve the best mental state possible.

Visit your friends and family

Human beings are social creatures, and we are at our happiest when we relate with other people! Research has shown that social withdrawal causes the same mental signaling as physical trauma (ever heard the saying ‘Panadol can heal a broken heart?). Find time to spend with your favorite people each day and your mind will be very happy.

Spend some time alone

“But you just said to visit friends and family!” Social interaction is important but so is solitude. Spending some time by ourselves just being ourselves is a great way to perform a mental detox! Try some meditation or journaling to unpack heavy thoughts and release stress periodically. Read more about why we think being alone can be amazing. 

Full body detoxes are great to keep your mind, body, and soul performing at their very best. They help to give you a new and refreshed perspective on life, and make it very easy to literally live your best life. Follow these quick and easy steps above to make progress towards the new and improved you.